Round the World in 3 Months!

Torii Gates

We have finally agreed on where we are going! It has been a bit of a journey deciding even this, as there are so many places we would love to go. We have come up with a final plan and are now ready to go ahead and book it all up… Goodbye money, world here we come (^^)v

We will leave London on September 24th, which is my little sister’s birthday, so have a great b’day Loz – I won’t ask you to save me a bit of the cake, in three month’s time when we get back home I’m sure it won’t have quite the same taste!!

Our first stop is New York – the Big Apple. Seio (my husband, pronounced Say-Oh) has been there before so I’m relying on him to show me around.

Moving on from New York, we will be heading towards Boston and Cape Cod.

The next stops after Boston will be Montreal and Toronto, then on to Detroit and New Orleans to visit Seio’s relatives.

From New Orleans, we are off to Las Vegas to try and strike gold at the Casino…and earn enough money to pay for this trip!!

Next stop is San Francisco and then on to Los Angeles and San Diego from there.

After taking in Hollywood life for a while, we will head up to Vancouver and Victoria, and then make our way down to Seattle.

Leaving Seattle, we head off for a week in Hawaii. My friend Steve, who I worked with in Japan, comes from Hawaii and he always said we should go one day. (Steve – we are finally taking your advice!)

After a week of relaxation it is back on the plane and off to New Zealand! This was where Seio and I were supposed to go on our honeymoon, but never actually got there….long story! Anyway, we are finally going. Hopefully we are going to go exploring within NZ – I think our trip here will involve trains, planes, cars and even bicycles….

After leaving Queenstown NZ, we head off to Cairns and Palm Cove, just in time for the Australian summer heat!! This worries me a bit, because as most people who know me know, I’m not so great with the suntans. My goal is to come back with a little bit of a golden glow! After sunning it up in OZ we move on to Singapore. Seio has a friend in Singapore so hopefully we can catch up with him along the way.

Although I lived in Japan for 12 years, I never actually made it across to Singapore even though it is a place I have always wanted to visit. Seio and I are both looking forward to trying some of the food over there.

Next stop after Singapore will be Hong Kong, and after that Japan. I can’t believe it has been almost 3 years since we left. It will be great to see everybody and catch up on all the news from family and friends in Fukuoka. I know Seio is looking forward to seeing his mum and dad and we are both looking forward to tasting Tae’s home cooked food again – I have already put in my order for Karaage (Japanese-style deep fried chicken) and Tae’s special potato salad. Tae is Seio’s mum by the way!

It will be sad to leave everyone again, but we have to return home at some point….and we will probably have run out of money after 3 months.

Wish us Bon Voyage and check back here at our blog for updates and photos along the way – I’m sure we will have some stories to tell, if our previous trips are anything to go by!


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