2 days to Go!

Today was panicking sorry, packing day – although a little bit of panic has set in now! 2 days to go, and it is finally all starting to seem real. NZ has yet to be planned, although we aim to book up some digs in Auckland and Queenstown before Thursday! Better get a move on though….

Well, the iron had a thoroughly good workout today – 6 pairs of jeans, 5 billion T-shirts, 2 sunblocks, 25 pairs of socks and 6 toothbrushes later, Seio and I have finally managed to pack our suitcases!
(* I did have to repack mine once, but I was taking stuff out rather than putting more stuff in so it wasn’t that bad!)

Off to buy some ‘Dollars’ tomorrow, then it’s NZ planning time and a final check to see if we have missed anything…hope not!!


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