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「よし決めた! やりたいことは 全てやる かけがえのない 人生だもの」

この一首を詠んで、世界一周の旅をしようと思い立ったのが5月11日。ちょうどレポートの提出が1ヶ月と迫り、そろそろ本格的に取り組まねば・・・という時期であった。あれから4ヶ月。あっという間に過ぎてしまった。この調子だと3ヶ月の旅も一気に過ぎてしまいそうではあるが、Make the most of it で思う存分堪能したい。


明日は朝早く出発して、無事に行けばNYに着くので、写真を撮ったらまた更新します。See you in the Big Apple!


2 Responses

  1. Hey!

    Am I the first to leave a comment???? hurrah!!

    I hope that you are in the air by now heading to New York!

    Just wanted to wish you a safe and wonderful adventure. We will miss you loads but cant wait to read your blog and see all the photos as you go along!

    lots and lots of love

    Lorraine and Steve xxx m m

    • Hiya!

      I’m afraid you were pipped at the post by one of Seio’s relatives!
      We’re here in New York New York now – good flight and very nice food….had a veggie meal so you would have liked it too. Bit bumpy at one point – happened to be when Seio was using the facilities as well – typical!!
      It’s 29 degrees here today…hotter than we thought.

      Are you having a nice birthday? How was the meal???
      Enjoy the rest of your stay in Edinburgh.


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