1 Day to Go!

Today was a blur….I know we went to the town centre about 5 times…or was it six? Anyway, we have dollars…..lots of ’em and all kinds, so we should be OK. We both sat down this afternoon and commented on how tired the other one looked – we even joked about how we felt too tired to go on holiday now (not seriously of course!!)


Packing has finally ceased – if it ain’t in the suitcase now, then it ain’t coming was the general consensus this evening. We are supposedly allowed 23kg each…My suitcase came in at 19.5kg and Seio’s at 25.5kg, so we had a little jiggle around and mine now weighs in at 21kg with Seio’s at 22kg. Hopefully the scales at the airport will be the same as ours at home.

All that is left to do is double check all the tickets, make sure we have a red and a blue passport (one UK for me and one Japanese for Seio!), and check that the alarm clock is switched on!
We plan to get up at 4am and leave around 5am. Apparently we have to check in 3 hours in advance….which normally means that check-in will take 20 minutes and we will be loitering around the duty free for the next 2 and a bit hours!! Oh well, better to be early than late.
Departure is just before 9am and we will arrive in New York just after 11am….which sound like a quick flight!! Actually we will be in the air for about 7 hours I think….it could be worse – Japan was about 12.5 hours!!

Anyway, thank you everyone for all the kind messages we have received – It’s goodbye Welwyn, watch out world here we come!


3 Responses

  1. Good luck. I will be popping into the blog every so often to see how you are and all the adventures you will be having.

  2. Thanks Karen – I hope we won’t be getting into too much trouble! We’ve just arrived in NY and it’s so hot ….29 degrees!!

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