Day 1 – New York City

We arrived at New York JFK Airport a little bit earlier than planned, but it still took us over an hour to get through immigration. We’d seen it on the TV, but still weren’t really prepared for being ‘processed’ by the immigration officer. The ladies ushering people to different queues sounded more like they were calling forward prisoners than passengers, and when we did actually get seen by the immigration officer it made you feel even more like you’d committed a crime!! ‘Right hand four fingers…’ ‘Right thumb’ ‘Left hand four fingers….’ ‘Left thumb’…’Take your glasses off and look into the camera’…..’You’re done.’  Such a pleasant experience…I don’t think so! Anyway, we are now ‘in the system’ I think they call it – so we’d better be on our best behaviour!!

Our baggage was waiting for us when we got through immigration, so we picked that up and headed off to the hotel.

Our hotel is in Queens, so we had to take the AirTrain from JFK to Jamaica and then catch a quick taxi ride to our destination. We are staying at the Ramada Queens hotel – a fairly budget hotel, but very nice rooms for the price.  Flat screen TV, kingsize bed, marble bathroom with chrome fitted power shower…and windows that do actually open! Free internet and breakfast included so all in all a pretty good deal.

After chilling out a bit at the hotel, we popped out to the supermarket to get some supplies for lunch etc.

Later in the afternoon we decided to head off into the City and find some entertainment for the evening. We got ourselves some 7 day unlimited ride Metro passes for $27 each (about £16) and took the 35 minute ride into Manhattan.


A short time later we were actually walking around the infamous Times Square!  It’s amazing – filled with constantly changing ads and beautifully created billboard posters. A designer’s dream…..


After taking a couple of hundred photos (!) , we headed down to the Box Office to check out how much the theatre tickets were. On the way, we bumped into a guy selling tickets for the Comedy Club. HAComedyClubHis sales pitch was very convincing – it went something like ‘Do you like alcohol and having a laugh?’ We said ‘Yeah, go on then…’ and 15 minutes later we found ourselves at the HA! Comedy Club just off Times Square.

Apparently Lee Evans just appeared there 2 days ago! For tonight’s show there were 5 comedians – some quite famous in the USA (Shawn Cornelius, Exiene…) that each did a 20-25 minute stint on a stage that looked like it was being held together with nothing much more than Sellotape!! I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time – it really was a very entertaining show!


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