Day 2 – New York City

Sorry – We didn’t get back until very very late yesterday so the blog update had to wait….

September 25th

We left the hotel at around 10am this morning and headed into Manhattan again.

We decided to go and see the UN building where all the diplomats seem to be gathered this week. NYPD blue uniforms are all over and there is a real sense of tightened security around the City.

After seeing the UN building, we made our way through Grand Central Station and onto Greenwich village.

Seio and I both really liked the village atmosphere – very cultural and a real international vibe about the place. I even managed to find a gluten-free restaurant there! The guy in the shop threw in a couple of gluten-free breadsticks which were very tasty indeed!!

From Greenwich village we hopped on the Metro and went off to the Natural History Museum – this is the museum that features in the Ben Stiller film ‘Night at the Museum.’ By the time we got there however it was a bit late, so we decided to come back the following day and take our time walking around.

The museum is right by Central park, so we took a little stroll through the park to catch the Metro from the other side. Central Park is very much like Hyde Park only bigger…and with more joggers – great for cycling, skating etc.


From Central Park we headed off to the big event of the day – a good old game of baseball. Today’s game was New York Yankees vs Boston Redsox.

We wanted to go and see a Yankees Game because a famous Japanese player plays for them – Hideki Matsui aka Godzilla. The pitcher for the Redsox is also Japanese (Daisuke Matsuzaka) but he wasn’t playing this time due to a shoulder injury – never mind, we got to cheer on Matsui.


There were a couple of other celebrities at the game as well – Mark Sanchez, a NY Jets Quarterback, and an actor guy who I have seen on US drama shows, but can’t remember his name…. Spike Lee was there too, but perhaps the most unexpected guest was Jay-Z!  He was sitting in much better seats than us though – We were up near the clouds somewhere…..


The atmosphere throughout the game was great – lots of singing, chanting and dancing. I have got a bit of a sore throat now actually! Oh dear….


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