Day 3 – New York City

The time is just flying by and we are already on day 3 of 4 here in NYC. We seem to be packing quite a lot in everyday though, setting out early in the morning and not getting back to the hotel until late at night.

Today we went off to the Museums which are mainly located around Central Park. guggenheimFirst stop was the Guggenheim Museum. The museum building iteself is somewhat of an art piece. From the outside it resembles an up-market multi-storey car park building, but this works well inside as you spiral up through a collection of masterpieces. The current exhibition was Kandinsky – one of my favourites – so that was good timing!

After the Guggenheim, we walked to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and browsed the photography and paintings there. Does everyone get lost in museums or is it just me….they give you a map, but I never seem to be able to find where I want to go! Women…map-reading…maybe I’d just better stop there!!

After  a couple of hours at the Met, we walked through Central Park over to the Natural History Museum (featured in ‘Night at the Museum’ with Ben Stiller). This is very similar to the one in London, although it has a planetarium as part of it. We watched a film in the planetarium…sorry I watched a film in the Planetarium…Seio fell asleep!! I don’t blame him though, the seats were very comfortable!!

GroundZeroFrom the Natural History Museum we headed down to the World Trade Center and to Ground Zero. There is literally a big hole in the ground, only remnants of the foundations of the Twin Towers remain … it looks as if someone sawed the tops of the buildings off with a blunt saw. Only Jagged-edges blocks of concrete remain. The whole Ground Zero area is shrouded in blue tarpaulin and big cranes reach as high as the neighbouring skyscrapers.

It was starting to get a bit chilly at this point, so we popped into Starbucks for some hot chocolate and drank that while we walked down to Wall Street.

NYSEWe stopped in front of the New York Stock Exchange and made a silent wish that the economy would continue to improve and we would one day become nice and rich….It was a very impressive building, the facade covered from side to side with the American flag. After taking another bunch of photos, we headed off for the highlight of the night – the Empire State Building.


We thought there would be very long queues to get in, but fortunately we didn’t have to wait that long. You have to wait in line for the first lift which takes you up to the 80th floor in a matter of seconds. There you join another queue for another lift which takes you up another 6 floors to the 86th Floor Observatory. The views were amazing – hardly done justice by the photos we took… Another very enjoyable day in this interesting city.



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