Day 4 – New York City

Today was our final day in New York – it’s amazing how much we have managed to squeeze into just 4 days! We really would like to have stayed longer, but this is one place we will definitely be back to see again some day!

GiantsStadiumWe left the hotel around 11am this morning and headed off towards Penn Station to catch a train to New Jersey and watch an American football game between the New York Jets and the Tennessee Titans. The match took place at the Giants Stadium – not as new or as nice as the Yankees Stadium, but huge and very imposing! Once again security was very strict – although women were allowed to bring in bags (some as large as suitcases!!), men were not allowed any rucksacks or messenger-type bags. Unfortunately Seio and I did not know this, and Seio nearly ended up having to throw his bag away just in order to get into the stadium!! It’s silly really, because in the end Seio ‘hid’ his ‘unattended bag’ under a disused tent which was lying in the car park. That to me seems even more of a security threat than checking the bag at the gate and deciding then if it should be allowed or not. Anyway, a sharp conversation and a couple of nasty looks later, Seio and I were in the Giants Stadium and sitting in our seats. Although I was cheering for the New York Jets, my jacket unfortunately matched the team colours of the opposition – how was I supposed to know??? Luckily there was a noisy supporter behind me who was shouting for the opposition, so he took the attention away from my unfortunate fashion faux pax!! Somehow though Seio and I still managed to get heckled for not heckling the noisy guy sitting behind us!!

JetsandTitansThe game had a really good atmosphere very much like a football game back home – with a similar amount of noise and testosterone levels!!

Seio and I weren’t sure of the rules, but we cheered along with the rest of the crowd. It was raining today, but we luckily didn’t get too wet.

We caught the bus back from New Jersey to the Port Authority bus terminal in Manhattan and walked over to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) near 5th Avenue. There was a lot to see on the way – Rockefeller Center, NBC studio building, Radio City etc.


MoMa is one of the places that I have always wanted to visit so it was nice to finally get there – funnily enough it was really easy to navigate this museum – perhaps my map-reading skills have improved???! Saw some really nice pieces of work and I am feeling quite inspired again.

We came back to the hotel fairly early today (about 8pm) as this is our last day in New York and we have to pack and be ready for our train journey on to Boston tomorrow morning. Funnily enough we are back at Penn Station for that departure!


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