Day 5 – Boston

We had to get up early this morning to catch the train to Boston. I think I had about 4 hours sleep, but Seio stayed up all night ‘blogging’ (!!) so his last entry is more like a novel than a synopsis!!

The local train from Jamaica Central is supposed to arrive at Penn Station in 20 minutes, and from there we needed to catch the Amtrak leaves for Boston South Station. We thought that if we gave ourselves over an hour to get to Penn that would be plenty of time….Oh dear, maybe not!

First of all our taxi from the hotel to the local station was a little bit late, then we went up and down in the lift at Jamaica Central about 3 times looking for the right platform for the Long Island Rail Road track to Penn station. When we eventually got to the right platform the train had just left…We were starting to  get a little worried – well I was, Seio as usual was a bit of a cool cucumber! Anyway, the next train soon arrived, so we quickly jumped on that. We knew that we would be in time for the Amtrak train….but we were still cutting it pretty fine. I think I must have checked my watch about twenty times on the way!

To make matters worse there was no escalator on our particular platform, so we had to lug 2 heavy suitcases, one backpack, one messenger bag, one shoulder bag and one plastic bag all the way up two flights of stairs! God I’m gonna be fit at the end of this holiday….either that or my arms will have stretched so much I will begin to look like Mr Tickle!!

As soon as we arrived at the top of the stairs, we had to rush off and find an Amtrak Quick-check kiosk to scan our barcode and print our tickets. I felt like I was participating in Anneka Rice’s ‘Beat the Clock’ at one point! Anyhow a nice lady stepped in to help and pointed us in the right direction of the platform. We ran down the concourse suitcases in tow, only to find a queue for the escalator down to the train! At least it allowed us to catch our breaths for a second. We were all ready to step on to the escalator and then that broke down!! Everyone had to shift back up the escalators, get off and let the attendant reset it! 5 minutes later, Seio and I were sitting in our seats waving goodbye to New York!

Phew! What a morning – and it was only 8:30am!!!


The journey was nice and relaxing and the scenery was beautiful – the train took the coastal route through Connecticut and up to Boston. The autumn foliage is beautiful in this area – private boats are moored all along the harbours, and colonial style houses with US flags patriotically blowing in the breeze line the picture-perfect streets. It really does look like something you would see on the TV.

The train finally pulled into Boston South Station at around 12:30pm. A stress-free journey for us, but not unfortunately for one family sitting a few rows in front – apparently  someone who had alighted the train a couple of stops earlier had mistakenly taken their luggage instead! Whoops!


Seio and I grabbled our luggage and headed off to our next digs – We bought a couple of  7 day passes, and took the red line subway to Alewife bus station. Alewife – Did a bloke think of that or what?? Actually it’s pronounced Alley-wife so it’s probably more like something that Seio might call me!! Back to the journey…once again we just missed the bus and ended up having to wait an hour for the next one! We eventually managed to catch a local bus from Alewife and got off at Burlington Mall – just in front of our hotel. The bus driver could have given Lewis hamilton a run for his money – three times my suitcase nearly rolled down the other end of the bus!! No major injuries though…

Our new lodgings are very nice – more like a short-stay apartment than a hotel room – we have a proper kitchen with a hob, a full size fridge, a microwave, and a toaster. Can’t be bad….

After settling in a bit, Seio and I headed off to the Mall for something to eat – we ended up having Thai/Chinese – not sure if I was allowed it, but it tasted pretty good! Came back to the hotel about 7pm and chilled….


2 Responses

  1. Hi Seio and Alison
    I’m enjoying your travels at a distance in the comfort of home in WGC. But I wish Seio-san wrote in English too as I’m sure I’m missing lots! I’m already getting holiday ideas, such as the rail journey up to Boston which sound great and much better than flying. I’ve been in Boston for a few days. Be sure to visit the Museum of Fine Arts. Also, in Harvard there’s a museum with famous and beautiful replicas of plants made of glass. And the place is loaded with history about the rift with Britain, the Boston tea party, and cod fishing. Be sure to sample the sea food.

    Keep blpgging!

    All the best


    • Hi Stephen
      Thank you for your comment about our blog, it’s nice to know that people are following our trip.
      Also, thanks for your advice about where to visit in Boston. We are off to Harvard tomorrow and then MFA the day after tomorrow. I am really looking forward to seeing lots of Japanese art.
      I am sure you are following what I am writing because Ali and I are both writing about the same event just from different perspective. I am writing in Japanese for Japanese reader but I will try writing English sometimes.
      Take care

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