Day 6 – Boston

Today we went into central Boston late morning – caught the No 350 bus into Alewife (listening to people today, it would seem that some people do actually call it Ale-Wife!!?!) and then took the Red line to Park Street. We were just getting used to the ‘uptown’ ‘downtown’ system in New York, and now they have changed it to ‘inbound’ ‘outbound’ here in Boston – Seio and I don’t know if we are ‘coming’ or ‘going’!! – I’m sure we’ll just be getting used to this system when it is time to move on again…


Today we had a funny encounter with an interesting young lady at the bus stop. When we arrived, she was fiddling around with a bandage on her arm – she had that ‘please please ask me what’s wrong with my arm’ look about her, and I succumbed to the task. ‘My room mate bit me’ was her answer…needless to say I wished I hadn’t asked!! It turned out that her room mate ‘had stolen some coffee that she wasn’t allowed to have and that the staff at the home had told her off for it’, the room mate got angry and apparently bit this young lady on the arm….for the second time!! Moral of the story – don’t talk to strangers!! No, actually she was a nice young lady, it was just funny listening to some of the things she was coming out with:- When we were telling her about our round the world trip, she agreed that we would have a lovely time in Hawaii, and that we would be able to do lots of swimming because ‘they have lots of pools down there..they have like 3 or something…’  Well, I guess three should be enough to do some swimming right? I mean that’s one pool for me and one pool for Seio and…. Anyway, she kept us amused for most of the bus journey, bless her!


We arrived at Park Street and exited the subway at Boston Common – the oldest Park in America. From Boston Common we walked the famous ‘Freedom Trail’ – this walk is about 4km from start to finish and covers many of the historic sites within central Boston including those related to the infamous Boston Tea Party. The weather was lovely today – blue skies with a slight breeze – perfect walking weather to enjoy the perfect scenery….


Boston really is a picturesque place – the old historic buildings and the newly constructed skyscrapers are divided by lush green spaces and colourful flowerbeds. The pastel-painted houses are finished off with beautifully laid out window boxes and the whole place is just pretty! Boston is definitely much cleaner than NYC, it also smells more fragrant, and it is generally more spacious and spread out.


The Freedom trail took us from Boston Common and the Massachusetts State House all the way to Bunker Hill and the USS Constitution – ended up taking loads of photos today! Unfortunately my camera battery ran out just before we came home…typical!

We decided to go to Trader Joe’s (a supermarket that stocks Gluten-free goodies) before heading back to the hotel. It was a long walk to TJ’s but well worth it – got some nice chicken and black bean enchiladas for dinner…..

Took the red line back to Alewife bus station, where once again we missed the bus…this time it was my fault – I nipped to the loo and when I got back the bus had gone! At least we only had to wait 1/2 and hour for the next one. Got back to the hotel about 7:30pm…enchiladas were delicious (^^)v


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