Day 7 – Boston

Today was quite an easy day – we seem to have been on the go since we arrived in the US, so we decided to visit a couple of places this morning and then come home early afternoon.

We did the educational tour today, visiting Harvard University and the MIT. Fortunately these two campuses are in Cambridge and are therefore not too far from Alewife and our hotel.


Harvard University has quite a small, compact campus – There are two large gates each flanked by two side gates on either side of Harvard Square (the grassy quadrangle that encompasses both the student dorms (for Freshman) and the main classrooms). Apparently you are only supposed to use the large gates twice during your time at Harvard, once when you enter University and then when you graduate. We didn’t actually find this out until we joined the tour, and so Seio and I had already proudly strolled through the main gate three times looking for the information desk!! Never mind….

Our tour guide was a final year student called June – she showed us the main buildings on campus and told us some of the famous stories about Harvard. The tour lasted about an hour and was really quite interesting …

After stopping off at the Harvard Co-op to buy some souvenirs we headed off to an area called Porter for some lunch. The Porter Exchange has a lot of Japanese restaurants and we decided to try out a place called ‘Cafe Mami’ to see how authentic it was….the food was really good and not bad value either.

After lunch, we hopped back onto the Red line to Kendall, which is where the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is. mitThe MIT campus is completely different to Harvard – It’s a huge campus made up of a number of different buildings and institutes sprawled all over. I think there are around 85 buildings all together!! We visited a couple of them and then decided to go home….

I can’t believe we’ve been here a week already! The time is just flying by.

Off to do some laundry now…


4 Responses

  1. Hi Ali and Seio

    Glad you are having such a fantastic time. You seem to be packing so much in! You must be exhausted 🙂 You will probably need another holiday just to get over this one hee hee!

    I am loving the photographs- keep posting them. But can we also have a couple with you two in them…just to make sure you are still standing!

    Are you finding the people of Boston more friendly/approachable than those in New York? Your account of the ferocious customs officials reminded me and Steve of our time in New York- quite an intimidating experience when you have only just arrived.

    Missing you both but glad you are having a wonderful time

    lots of love

    lorraine xxx

    • Hey there

      Good to hear from you….Yes, we are having a brilliant time (^^)v We will try and take some more photos with us in them….
      Hope everyone is fine at home.
      Loads of love
      Ali & Seio xx

  2. I have to say you sound like you are having the best time ever, and I’m also impressed with the daily blog. Especially as both you and Seio are writing one! Understandable though because I do not understand a word of Japanese – it’s all greek to me!!

    We had a briefing meeting today and somebody was saying ‘…where’s Alison, she did us drinks and biscuits’. We do miss you and I will keep on reading because you’re putting a big smile on my face.

    Take care

    • Hi Karen

      Thanks for the message…
      I hope no-one will starve or suffer dehydration due to the tea and biscuits situation at the briefing meetings 🙂
      Seio and I are having a great time – going different places and getting up to all sorts every single day! I think we will have to start pacing ourselves otherwise we will burn out….

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