Day 8 – Boston

Well today was our last day in Boston. We got up fairly early and took the bus and subway into town and to the Museum of Fine Arts, where they have a really good exhibition of Japanese arts and sculptures. Seio and I walked around for quite a while taking it all in – not that we were lost or anything this time…in fact my museum-map-reading skills are absolutely perfect now!! After a couple of hours we stopped for lunch at the museum cafe and treated ourselves to some New England style food. Seio wanted to try the clam chowder, and I had a roast pumpkin and herb-chicken salad with glazed walnuts and cranberries. Pumpkins seem to be everywhere here at the moment – I don’t know if they normally have this many pumpkins around in New England or whether it’s just in preparation for Halloween! Anyway – the cranberries are definitely a local speciality of the Boston area.


Apparently the clam chowder was very nice and my pumpkin salad ‘mountain extravaganza’ was equally delicious…rather a lot for one person but I managed to eat most of it!  Seio also had an apple strudel which actually turned out to be two apple strudels…the portion sizes are so big here!

Needless to say, we had to do a little more walking around after lunch just to burn off some calories (^^)v

We took some photos at the MFA and have made our own little gallery below…

AliFood MFABoston

SeioLunch SeioArt

We are packing tonight as we have to get up early tomorrow morning and move on again….goodbye Boston, Montreal here we come!


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  1. love the gallery – hee hee-and the food sounds fab, making my mouth water 🙂

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