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BBB ~Bits and Bobs in Boston~ ボストン、エトセトラ

Here are some bits and bobs we noticed in Boston;

Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin DonutsWe noticed this donuts shop in NY as well. However, when we walked around Boston we found this shop’s logo everywhere we went. There are definitely more DD’s than Starbucks or other coffee chains. I wonder whether Dunkin’ Donuts originates in Boston or if they built branches on the corner of every street because Bostonians loves donuts so much more than any other City in the US???


T J maxxTJmaxx

When Ali and I were walking along the street downtown, I came across a shopping bag with a familiar logo that I have seen in the UK. I said to Ali “Look, I think there are T K maxx shops in this city.” A couple of minutes later Ali said “I think you were right about T K maxx. Look, the shop is over there! But hang on, something is slightly wrong…” She took a picture and we noticed what was wrong. It’s “T J maxx” rather than “T K maxx”. We were joking about how the Americans can’t spell properly – colour is color and favourite is favorite etc. Maybe T K is T J?? Anyway we agreed that they must be a sister company…

Funny design road

We found that the roads in Boston have strange patterns sometimes. We came to the conclusion that these are where the many cracks on the surface of the road have been repaired. In England they would cover the whole road, but the American roads must be too big and too expensive to repair the whole thing, and therefore they repair only the cracked part which is what makes the funny patterns.



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