Day 9 – Montreal


Bonjour (^^)v Nous sommes arrivés à Montréal! …and everything is in French!! I remember someone once telling me that Quebec was actually quite a bit different to other parts of Canada, and it’s true – it feels more like France than Canada! Most people speak to each other in French, the signs are in French first then in English….luckily we understand enough to get by!

We left Boston early  in the morning – had a nice taxi drive to Logan International airport and arrived in plenty of time for our first flight – yes, even though Boston and Montreal are not that far away, there is no direct flight, so we had to go to Newark, NY first and then fly on to Montreal from there. Boston to Newark was fine, but we only had 30 minutes to get to our next flight…luckily we made it in plenty of time. The second flight was one of those nasty ‘pencil’ planes – 3 seats across in total and just enough headroom for 58 people who are no more than 5’7″ tall…anyone above that would have to crank their neck to one side whilst walking to their seats!! It was a fairly smooth journey though, and we arrived in Montreal in one piece. After landing, we picked up our luggage, which was waiting for us on the carousel, headed off to change some money and were off on our way to the hotel. We took a taxi as we had all our luggage again and didn’t fancy the two bus rides and a metro trip…..the taxi driver was another one who wouldn’t be out of place on an F1 circuit!! 20 minutes later and we had arrived at our hotel – the Plateau Royale. It is situated right next to a big green park, and a small ‘mountain/hill’ called Mont Royal.

When we arrived it was a bit too early to check-in, so we left our luggage with the nice lady on reception and headed off to explore the neigbourhood.

We found a map and were looking at that when a nice lady asked if we needed any help – everyone is so friendly here! She pointed out where we were on the map, and what there was to do around the area. We decided to climb up Mont Royale as apparently you could get a nice view of Montreal from the top……how many steps??? I lost count after the 5th set of them!! Talk about punishment…and some people were jogging up and down as if it was their regular exercise course!!?! After a couple of palpitations later, we arrived at the ‘plateau’ and were glad that we had made the climb – the view was amazing.


There was an old stone building at the top (not sure what it was) and a park area where lots of squirrels were running around gathering nuts for the winter.



Coming back down hill was more enjoyable than going up, but it was well worth doing and we also managed to use up some time waiting for our hotel check-in.

At the hotel, we checked in and were given our key cards to room 42 – 4th floor & no lifts, so we had to do some more climbing..this time with heavy suitcases!!

I don’t think I want to do any more ‘stairs’ for a while.

Our room is fairly basic, TV, bed, shower/bath – nice and big, but not many amenities. The bathroom is about 50 metres from the TV, so you have to plan in advance if you wish to use the toilet as it’s quite a long walk!!

Off to the supermarché to get some provisions, and then it will be a hot bath and off to bed I think…it’s been a long day with lots of ups and downs – literally!!


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