Day 12 – Montreal to Toronto

viaRailDeskWoke up at 4:30am today…..had breakfast and jumped in a taxi to Gare Centrale – the Via Rail station. Our train was due to depart at 6:30am and we lined up to board at 6:10am. The Via Rail train was very spacious and comfortable – much better than the pencil plane we took from Newark to Montreal (^^)v It was a really smooth and quiet ride as well, apart from the annoying lady who had unfortunately sat in someone else’s seat and was explaining to the attendant at great length the numerous reasons as to why she shouldn’t  have to relocate! Just move why don’tcha? Things eventually calmed down and Seio and I were left in peace to enjoy the autumn scenery and lakes that were whizzing by on either side of the train. 5 hours later and at around 11:30am we had arrived at Union Station, Toronto, Ontario.

We collected our luggage from a carousel – just like the ones you find at the airport. I nearly lost my suitcase to a small group of Japanese tourists, but managed to rescue it in the nick of time.

We took a taxi to our hotel which, although near the airport and handy for our onward trip, is a fair way from the city centre. Our room is nice and big, with two double beds, a shower/bath and once again a toilet that is located a middle distance run away from the sleeping side of the room!


We went out for some lunch and ended up having ‘sort-of-Japanese’ food from a Japanese restaurant run by two Chinese men!!? It tasted good and was cheap enough, so who were we to complain?

After lunch and a trip to the local supermarket, we came back to the hotel and relaxed….tonight will be an early one to catch up on the early start we had this morning…more from Toronto tomorrow!


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