Day 14 – Toronto

We spent the morning packing up our suitcases again, ready for our early start tomorrow. I think the flight to Michigan is the earliest throughout our whole trip!

We went into town by bus and subway today – no more 6km walks for me thank you very much!! When an ‘in service’ bus finally turned up we hopped on and were at Wilson Subway station within 10 minutes or so – much quicker than yesterday!! CeadMileFailte

We decided to head towards an area called Spadina and walked through the famous market area called ‘Kensington market’. There are lots of shops selling fresh fruit, flowers and the like, and a farmer’s market where local farms sell their homegrown produce – vegetables, jams, hams etc. After browsing the market we decided to head off to Broadview and get something to eat – I found a gluten free fish and chips place on the internet, so we decided to give that a go – It was called Deep Blue and was actually quite nice. It seemed to be quite popular with the locals as well! AliChips

After filling up on fish and both sweet potato and ordinary chips, we head back to Union Station. Tonight we planned to watch an NBA game between the Toronto Raptors and the Philadelphia 76’ers. TorontoRaptors I know basketball players are supposed to be tall, but 7ft6 and 7ft8 really is big! The stadium was at the Air Canada Centre which is actually at Union Station. It was fairly easy to get in this time – minimum security check which was nice for a change! When we found our seats we were pleasantly surprised. We were right up in the gods again, but this time instead of sitting in the middle of a long row, our seats were on their own with a little roof over them – we felt like we were in the ‘Royal Box’ – albeit the poor person’s version!!

The game was amazing – those guys can run very fast and jump really high!!

Sport is so commercialized over here – advertisements flicker around the neon walls every 5 minutes, and whilst people watching TV get the commercial breaks, the crowd at the stadium are treated to entertainment by sparkly white-toothed, smiley-smiley cheerleader girls and the team mascot. The Raptor’s team mascot is a red dinosaur Raptorcalled, funnily enough, ‘Raptor’. He was actually one of the most entertaining things I have ever seen, and sometimes you found yourself watching him rather than the game!! He was quite acrobatic, and when he had the huge rubber suit on, he could only waddle along often falling over and getting stuck, or falling onto people, his jaw springing open and looking as if he had eaten someone’s head!! Very funny. The game itself was great – dunk shots here there and everywhere. Basketball has a real ‘hip-hop’ vibe to it, and the music is really loud and punchy. I would have thought that the players would find it heard to concentrate but I suppose they’re probably used to it. Great game and a great way to finish our visit to Toronto.


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