Day 15 – Michigan

pumpkinsGot up at 3am this morning to leave for the airport and catch our flight to Detroit. Michigan is where Janice, Ted & little Jack live. Janice is Seio’s aunt’s niece. Seio hadn’t seen Janice for 10 years, and of course it was my first time to meet Janice & family as well. Janice came to pick us up from the airport with her 6 year old son, Jack (we call him little Jack , because big Jack is his grandfather!!) It was about 8am when we arrived at Detroit Wayne County Airport – time for breakfast!! Janice took us to a really nice pancake house – where they had an open fire burning. It really gave new meaning to comfort food and comfort eating!! As it is now  Halloween and Thanksgiving time in the US, pumpkins are in season – they are everywhere!! Janice and I both had pumpkin pancakes with a side of really crispy bacon – the bacon was so good you could taste how bad it was for you!! Seio and little Jack had Chocolate chip pancakes and Seio helped Janice finish off her pumpkin pancakes as well. The waitress at this restaurant asks everyone if they would like 3 or 6 pancakes…well, I would like to meet the person who could finish 6!! Luckily we all went for the 3 option – even that was a squeeze to fit in – very tasty though (^^)

JaniceJackandSeioWe loaded our 4 full tummies into the car, and set off for our next stop, Dearborn – home of Henry Ford and his famous museum.  The Henry Ford Museum has to be on of the best museums around!! Henry Ford was so rich, he could afford to have one of almost every thing that was ever made. The museum houses all kinds of classic cars including the famous ‘Kennedy Car’ and the Oscar Mayer ‘Wienermobile’.


There are also exhibits of original gadgets such as the first toaster, wooden box TV sets, and the original Macintosh beige box, as well as the first ‘green’ house – the ‘Dymaxion’ House. We took a quick break for some lunch – we were still pretty full from the pancakes and could only manage some fruit cups, but Seio decided to try a drink that you can only get in Michigan called ‘Vernor’s’ –  it tasted a bit like ginger ale and was very nice! You could walk around this museum for hours – it’s definitely a photographer’s paradise!!


We stayed there until the late afternoon and then headed back to Janice’s house in Superior Township, near Ann Arbor.

Janice’s lovely house sits in the beautiful Michigan countryside surrounded by a rainbow of maple trees. The scenery at this time of year is picture-perfect. Long straight road lined with red, orange, and yellow maple – the odd farm and barn house here and there. What a place to live!

Janice put on her apron and cooked us her favorite juicy chicken with rice – lovely!

Little Jack showed us his favorite episodes from the ‘Penguins of Madagascar’ – a spin-off animation based on the Madagascar & Escape From Madagascar films. They were fun to watch. Little Jack is also a huge NFL fan, and since Seio and I are still a bit rusty on the rules, little Jack explained them to us in terms that we could understand!! Thanks little Jack…


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