Day 16 – Michigan

AliGritsToday, Ted, Janice, and little Jack took us out for breakfast to a restaurant called Cracker Barrel. It was a cosy little restaurant filled with old style American memorabilia and a checkerboard with Checkersaccompanying rocking chairs and open hearth. We tried ‘Grits’ which looks and tastes a bit like porridge except that it is made from corn. I also succumbed to the crispy bacon once more…it’s so addictive!! After breakfast, we made our way to ‘Greenfield Village’ – part of the Henry Ford museum, but in the form of a traditional working village of eras gone by. henry Ford was so GreenfieldVillagewell-off, that he bought homes belonging to famous people and rebuilt them on this site to cherish for prosperity – some of the houses were even set up inside exactly how they originally were by the people that owned them. Noah Webster ( writer of the first American Dictionary) lived in a house here, the Law house where Abraham Lincoln first practiced law is also on the site. Whilst henry Ford and his wife were vacationing in England, they fell in love with the Cotswold-style cottages, and had one built on this site as well. You can get around the whole village by Steam locomotive and even enjoy a taste of years gone by – we had lunch at once such restaurant called the Eagle Tavern – Seio had a Pork and Apple pie, and I had a corned beef with apple crout. It was quite an interesting taste – a lot of the food was pickled so it was quite vinegar-y!!

ModelTPerhaps the highlight of the day was riding one of the original Ford Model T’s. Seio and I rode a Model T from 1914. Apparently 15 million cars were manufactured and there are over 1 million still in perfect working order today. The Model T carries 10 gallons of fuel, and does a maximum of 65mph at 25 miles per gallon!

A very enjoyable day all round. We went home with all the workers at the village – we stayed right till the very end it was so good!!


Janice made us some turkey enpanadas with corn tortillas and refried beans for dinner, which was delicious!

After dinner, we watched a couple more episodes of ‘The Penguins’ and then we all headed down to ‘Hiller’s – a really nice supermarket that stocks loads of Japanese goodies and also some nice gluten-free bits ‘n pieces. We could have spent hours there, but unfortunately we needed to get back, pack our suitcases and get ready to move on again. …It was really good to be able to call in on Seio’s relatives along the way – Janice also has a really good washing machine, which was a great help indeed – Thanks Janice xx


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