Day 19 – Las Vegas

Shirley cooked us a nice big breakfast this morning to fill us up for our journey to Las Vegas. Nobi and Big Jack were very kind and drove us back over the 24 mile Pontchartrain bridge to the airport. We said our goodbyes and checked in for the first of another two-part flight. We were headed to Las Vegas via a quick touchdown in Houston, Texas. The past couple of flights we have been on have been quite bumpy due to a storm that was headed across the US. We made it safely though and arrived at the airport unscathed albeit a little bit tired. Las Vegas likes to welcome you in style and even has slot machines lined up in the airport terminals!! From the airport we took a shuttle bus to our hotel – The Hilton Las Vegas. This is a really nice hotel – just off the Strip.


We didn’t do much this evening, but we did manage to have a little flutter….very little actually – we put in $1 and made a profit of 30c…maybe tomorrow we will be a little it more adventurous!!!! Hahahaha.


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