Day 21 – Las Vegas

BellagioGot up fairly early and had some breakfast, then decided to head to ‘The Strip’ – the major road with all the famous hotels in Las Vegas. We stopped off at the Box Office and bought some tickets for a couple of shows later in the day – ‘Matsuri’ – a Japanese acrobatic show, and ‘Lance Burton’ – Master Magician!! We also wanted to see Cirque du Soleil’s ‘O’ but they were out of tickets at our hotel – we thought we might check at the actual venue – the Bellagio.

NewYorkNewYorkWe caught the Monorail to the far end of the Strip and the MGM Grand hotel. I wore new shoes this morning, and managed to start feeling a blister coming before I’d left our hotel – I plastered up my feet and managed to walk along OK! (Tomorrow it’s back to something comfortable again!!) The


Las Vegas Monorail system is very cleverly set up – you have to exit the Monorail station by walking through the casino area to exit the hotel and get to the streets – any opportunity to tempt you!! We resisted the temptation at most places – but lost a few ‘bucks’ here and there – nothing too serious though (^^)v After seeing the Lion (real ones!) habitat, we exited the MGM, and walked along the Strip southbound


past New York New York, Paris Las Vegas, before arriving at the Bellagio. The Bellagio is just gorgeous – both inside and outside – pure luxury! We seem to have hit America at the perfect time as well – the fall season decorations had been set up at the Bellagio Conservatory and were very impressive. They had giant pumpkins on display, with talking trees and a miniature working display of the famous ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ fountains. We found the Box Office and managed to get a good deal on tickets for tomorrow night’s Show of Cirque du Soleil’s ‘O’ – the ‘O’ is meant to = Eau = water. Apparently the show Elvisfeatures a 25ft deep pool that holds 1.5 million gallons of water, and acrobats, high divers and synchronized swimmers perform acts centered around this pool – looking forward to that!! We could have spent forever at the Bellagio, but decided that we still had a lot to see. We carried on walking along the Strip, passing by other famous landmarks such as the Mirage’s dolphin fountain garden, the Harley Davidson Cafe, M&M’s World and Elvis! We even saw M&M Elvis (^^)>


We also passed a couple of funny things along the way….I mean who would buy a T-shirt, let alone ‘a whole set’ saying that???? … Seio, put your wallet away right now!

Our first show ‘Matsuri’ (which means festival in Japanese by the way) was due to start at 4pm, so we headed off to grab some lunch. Unfortunately we just missed the buffet lunch at Stratosphere, so we instead opted for a tradition 50’s style American eatery called ‘Roxy’s Diner’ – it was a really authentic place, complete with a radio DJ, waitresses wearing the flared skirts, scarfs and ankle socks, and even singing waitresses – it was a really good experience and the food was, as usual, plentiful!!  Unfortunately we were running Matsuria bit late for our show, and had to jog/walk speedily to get back to the Imperial Palace. We made it just in the nick of time and as soon as we sat down, the curtains rose! Perfect… It was quite a small theatre, but we had great VIP seats and the show was amazing. ‘Matsuri’ was advertised as Japan’s No.1 show, but neither Seio nor I had ever heard of it…Having experienced it though, I would now agree that it is Japan’s No.1 show and probably one of the best shows I have ever seen – Highly recommended if you ever come to Las Vegas – Wow!

LanceBurtonThe show lasted about 70 minutes, so after that we headed off to the next venue – the Monte Carlo to collect our magic show tickets.

The ‘Lance Burton’ show started at 7pm, and this time we arrived with time to spare. This show was really good too, a mixture of comedy, illusion and intrigue – something for all ages, with people & things vanishing and reappearing all over the place! Today was a great day….


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