Day 22 – Las Vegas

HiltonMountainViewGot up reasonably early this morning ready for another fun-filled day in Vegas – and what a beautiful day it was! We Woke up to a blue cloudless sky … you could see the mountains so clearly. It started off quite warm but made it up to around 32 degrees by mid-morning. It’s a dry heat here so it actually feels more comfortable than the humid Japanese summers! We bought another Monorail day pass today and Monorailheaded southbound to MGM Grand. From there we walked to Excalibur and hopped on the free Monorail to Mandalay Bay. These hotels really are something else…it’s like the whole world has been brought to Vegas … it all looks real yet fake but very convincing at the same time! After having a little flutter at Mandalay bay…and losing again (only $1!!) we walked along to the Luxor hotel. Luxor looks LuxorPyramidAndSphynxvery imposing with its giant glass pyramid and Sphynx – and it is just as lavish inside! It really was hot today… so even the weather made you feel like you could have been in Egypt!!

After taking lots of photos as usual, we boarded the Monorail again at the MGM and got off at Bally’s to visit the Box office at Planet Hollywood. We were already booked up to see Cirque Du Soleil’s ‘O’ at 10:30pm, so we had time to see a show before that and decided to book up and see the variety performance at Plant Hollywood’s ‘V’ Theatre, which is in the Miracle Mile shopping centre. We managed to get tickets no problem – apparently Las Vegas is really feeling the credit crunch too!!


After walking around the casino at PH for a while, we headed off for the Venetian to see the Gondolas in action. The Venetian is Gondolaanother elegant hotel, very ornate both inside and out. The Gondolas rides take you both inside and outside the hotel – the ceiling on the inside of the Venetian is painted to look like the sky, so even when you are inside it feels as if you are outside! Very clever….

By this time, we were getting a bit hungry and so headed back in the direction of the Hilton and on to Circus Circus to try out the Buffet ‘All you can eat for $14’…..I still don’t know where the Americans put all this food…both Seio and I were stuffed after a medium size plate of food and a salad!! I did manage to pinch a corner of Seio’s treacle tart and his blueberry pie…I know I shall pay for it later, but it’s too tempting all this food (^^)>

The variety show was due to start at 7pm, but before heading back to Planet Hollywood we popped into the Post Office to send some more ‘souvenirs’ back to Japan and lighten our suitcases….

As usual, we arrived at the show venue with seconds to spare…literally! The ‘V’ Theatre was quite a ‘cosy’ place seating about 150 people. The host for the show was a really funny guy called Wally Eastwood ( There were body balance artists form Russia, a Ukranian rhythmical gymnast who was unbelievably bendy (!!), strap artists called ‘Aerial Expressions’, the comedian Russ Merlin, and the extremely entertaining ‘TV Guy’. We laughed a great deal during this show – it was great value for money as well.

OBillboardOnce the variety show had finished we headed over to the Bellagio to chill out before ‘O’ at 10:30pm. It was actually perfect timing, because we managed to catch the fountain performance and see it all the way through this time (we caught the end of yesterday’s and that was from across the road as well!) It was really soothing and impressive and the same time – the show we watched was done in time with a piece by Pavarotti…you could stand around and watch the fountains all night!

We didn’t though, because we had the next show to go to….Cirque Du Soleil ‘O’. I think I mentioned this before, but the ‘O’ is meant to stand for ‘Eau’ or water for those who have forgotten their French! The stage is an actual 25 ft deep specially created pool that holds 1.5 million gallons of water!! This show was simply A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. it really was. The acrobatics were unbelievable – there was (very very) high-diving, trapeze artists, contortionists, clowns, dancing and it was all done so spectacularly. A very professional and creative show that just leaves you thinking wow how can they do that?? I want to see another Cirque du Soleil show already!! Apparently ‘O’ is the most popular of the C du S shows and is often sold out, so I am glad we were able to get tickets for it. It really was something to remember!!

The show lasted for about 1 and a half hours, and we left the Bellagio at around 12am. We took the monorail back to the Hilton, went to our room, collapsed into bed and fell straight asleep!


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