Day 23 – Las Vegas

AliRouletteSeioRouletteGot up at 7am this morning and packed to leave for San Francisco. Today’s flight was at 11:45am so not too much of a rush. We even had time for a quick go at Roulette and Black Jack – unfortunately we hadn’t won anything so far, so we thought we’d just have one last go….last of the big spenders, I Know!! Seio and I each put $5 into the Black Jack machine – I got down to $1 and decided to print my ticket and use it for one last spin of the roulette…or make that 4 last spins….unfortunately my $5 didn’t go very far!! Seio made $1 at Black Jack and also decided to try his luck at Roulette. He did about as well as me, and then our luck turned…..for some reason I started picking the right numbers….three in a row!! Seio was down to his last $1 and I said ‘Red 30’ …..Would you believe it – ‘Winner – Red 30’ !!! Yeah – Seio’s grand total was now $11 – Yes, we had finally won something…our money back!!  – OK, so it was only $1 profit, but we won, we won!!! It’s always nice to leave on a good note (^^)v

Took a taxi to Las Vegas Airport and caught the 11:45 US Airways flight to San Fransisco. The flight was nice and smooth this time and we got a good view of the mountains of Las Vegas on our way.


The weather in SF was also beautiful  – blue skies and dry heat! There was a courtesy bus to the hotel – another would-be-F1-driver!! It didn’t help that the road surface on the expressway was so bad – my suitcase took another bashing and at one point I felt like singing the William Tell overture as I nearly flew over the seat in front of me!! It was a bouncy ride to say the least (^^)v Anyway, a couple more fences and a water jump later, we arrived at our hotel and checked in. It’s an OK hotel – not quite a ‘Vegas’ hotel, but you can’t have it that good all the time, can you?

Tomorrow we are planning to head into town to have a look around…that’s if we can get up and out early enough….we are both exhausted from all the excitement of Las Vegas!!


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