Day 26 – San Francisco

NapaValleyVineyardsIt was a bit chilly today after the rain last night, but we decided to head on out nonetheless. We left the hotel about 9:30am and headed off to the airport to catch a bus to Napa Valley – where all the vineyards and wineries are!! It took about 1 and a half hours to get there, which wasn’t too bad – the coach was so comfortable that Seio nodded off for most of the journey! After arriving at the bus depot, we looked at our map and chose a couple of the wineries nearby to do some ‘tasting’. We did our usual ‘it won’t be too far – let’s walk’ routine and about 1km down the road, we saw ‘Oak Vineyards’ – I said to Seio, ‘Well, that wasn’t too bad was it?’ and Seio replied ‘What does it mean – ‘for the Over 55’s?’ That particular vineyard turned out to be retirement housing block!! Oh well…I would love to meet some of the residents of that complex – it sounds like quite a jolly place!!

SeioTastingAliTastingWe carried on walking, in no particular direction apart from straight down the aptly-named ‘Wine Country Road’ main street, hoping that we would come across a winery that offered ‘tasting’ sessions. 5km down the road, we stumbled upon a side road called ‘Oak Knoll Drive’ – home to the ‘Trefethen’ Winery. After walking a further 2km down the driveway of this winery, we went in, paid $10 dollars, and got to taste 4 different wines. We tried a 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon ($50/bottle), a 2007 Chardonnay ($30/bottle), a 2008 Viognier ($30/bottle), and a 2008 Quandary ($25/bottle). There were all very tasty, but Seio and I quite liked the Viognier and the Quandary. We weren’t in there for very long, but we both came out quite merry!!

After leaving the Trefethen vineyard and ‘shuffling’ through the estate (probably the wrong way!) we came out at another long-looking road and decided to see if we came across anything along there – About 3km down the road, we found the Monticello‘Monticello’ vineyard and headed on in for some more ‘tasting.’ Whereas the Trefethen tasting had been 3 whites and 1 red, the Monticello was the opposite – 3 reds and 1 white. At Monticello, we tried a Vintage 2006 Corley reserve Chardonnay ($40/bottle), a Vintage 2006 Estate Grown Pinot Noir ($38/bottle), a Vintage 2006 Estate Grown Cabernet Franc (100%) ($38/bottle), and a Vintage 2006 Jefferson Cuvee Cabernet Sauvignon($38/bottle). This time we had some crackers to soak up the wine a bit, but we were still feeling quite ‘warm’ afterwards. Seio and I both prefer white wine, but we quite liked the Pinot Noir at this place.We paid our $15 dollars for this tasting session and headed back onto the dirt path that we had come in by…

A little bit further down the road we came across the Andretti Vineyard, which is where Mario Andretti the former F1 driver has his vineyard – we didn’t go in because we’d had enough wine by then and thought that we might not be let back on the bus if we smelled too much of alcohol! !

We needn’t have worried, because by the time we had completed the 7km trek back to the bus depot, we had both completely sobered up!!


Oh well…..the bus left at 4:30pm and eventually arrived back at SFO Airport at 7pm. The traffic was awful on the way back – traffic jams all the way home!

Never mind, we made it back safe and sober….Nice day out though!

We are off to LA tomorrow – first stop Hollywood!! (^^)v


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