Day 27 – Los Angeles

Woke up early, had breakfast, checked out, boarded the courtesy bus to SFO International airport and caught the 9:45am Virgin America flight to Los Angeles – ‘City of Angels’ and apparently the second largest city in the USA! Actually it did look very big when we came in to land…

Surprisingly enough, everything went very smoothly today flight-wise. Normally we are either running late or there will be a huge queue at baggage screening/passport control etc. Not today though – we went through very quickly and the flight wasn’t bumpy for a change! We even landed at LAX 20 minutes earlier than scheduled as well…

HandHPizzeriaToday we took a ‘shared ride van’ to our hotel in Hollywood – the journey took about 40 minutes but was quite comfortable with all our luggage.  Our hotel itself is at the far end of Hollywood Boulevard and only 2 stops on the metro from all the famous landmarks. After checking in , we changed into something cooler as it was fairly hot today and headed into central Hollywood for something to eat. We found a nice pizzeria ‘California Pizza Kitchen’ at the famous shopping complex ‘Hollywood & Highland’ – Seio had a Japanese veggie pizza and I had a Waldorf Salad…I was also naughty and had a couple of slices of pizza..when will I ever learn – it was very hard to resist though!!

HollywoodAndHighlandHollywoodFrom Hollywood & Highland there is a very clear view of the famous Hollywood sign in the Hollywood Hills part of Mount Lee. We took a couple of photos there and then headed off towards Sid Grauman’s Chinese Theater. In front of this theater is where you find the hand and footprints of some of Hollywood’s most famous actors and actresses. We spotted quite a few old and new names there!


The Hollywood Walk of Fame – the street where stars have their names imprinted in stars – runs along Hollywood Boulevard in front of the Chinese Theater, and so we followed the names of the stars up until the end of that block before turning around and walking along the other side of the star-lined street. So many names!! Elvis, The Beatles, Doris Day, Julio Iglesias….to name but a few!


Before we knew it, we were half way back to the hotel, so we just kept on walking until we hit home – another long trek, but when you walk, you do get to see a lot more of life as it is – good, bad, clean, dirty, rich and poor…


2 Responses

  1. Hi Again Both

    Did you see Marilyn Monroe’s star? Did you see the place where they leave their handprints in the wet cement?

    The food sounds lovely – even if it is very naughty! Seio’s blog contained a lot of “incredibles – what was he describing?

    Love you loads

    Mum xxxx

    • Yes, we saw Marilyn Monroe’s star – there was even a Marilyn Monroe lookalike who was loitering for photo tips! She really did look like the Marilyn. Seio’s ‘incredibles’ were referring to a ‘Mr. Incredible’ lookalike from the animation ‘The Incredibles’….incredibly enough though, he looked nothing like the real ‘Mr Incredible’ who has blond hair and huge biceps! This guy was an hispanic with dark hair who looked a bit on the ‘wimpish’ side to be honest!
      Him and his mate Yoda (from Star Wars) fleeced me and Seio for a photo tip….they looked nothing like the real characters and we didn’t really want a photo with them in the first place….INCREDIBLE!!

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