Day 28 – Los Angeles

UniversalStudiosHollywoodUniversalStudiosDay 2 in Hollywood and the weather is absolutely beautiful here – perfect blue skies and very warm and dry. Today we had a fairly late breakfast and headed off to Universal Studios. It was a great day to go – nice weather and very few people, so we didn’t have to queue very long for any of the rides!

I’m not a great fan of roller-coasters or anything else that makes you dizzy, but Seio and I both braved the attractions and really enjoyed ourselves. First of all we went on the Simpson’s Ride – dear oh dear, talk about SimpsonsRideeasing yourself in gently….this was a 3D simulated roller coaster, that bashed through rocks, went crashing through waterfalls and jolted you from side to side in your seat…we also got a little bit wet!! It was good, but my legs felt a bit wobbly when I got off! I think the last time I went on a roller-coaster was about 10 or so years least (^^)v

After recovering from Bart and Homer’s adventure with Sideshow Bob and Krusty the Clown, we headed off for the Jurassic park ride. This was a kind of log-flume/boat ride – you set off gently, cruising through the smooth waters in the jungle, with the odd spook from a dinosaur here and there…Lovely and relaxing, that is until you reach the end of the ride, where the boat plunges down a sheer drop waterfall at about mach 3!! No joke – I’m SpongeBobglad I didn’t see the photo they take of you during that part – I don’t think I could have closed my eyes any tighter!! I think I was nearly hugging the guy sitting next to me…and it wasn’t Seio!! Needless to say we got wet again!!

ShrekNext we headed off to see the Shrek 4D attraction – I’m a big Shrek fan and I love the ‘Donkey’ character, so that was a fun thing to do!! It was a very cleverly done show as well – although I didn’t care for the ‘tarantulas around your feet’ part! Guess what – we also got wet during this show!!

It was time to dry off and get something to eat by this point, so we found a burger place called ‘Mel’s Diner’ and had some grilled chicken and a salad. Very nice and filling! As we were quite full, we thought we would take in one of the more ‘gentle’ attractions and headed off to see the ‘WaterWorld’ Show. This was an action-packed show, with jet skis, diving stunts, an aeroplane crash and lots of pyrotechnics – it made your heart pound with the sheer noise of the guns and fireworks going off! Very entertaining indeed…

ScoobyShaggyAliSeioBy this time it was about 4:30pm and we just had time to catch the ‘Animal Actors’ show – where they bring out the dogs, birds and monkeys that star in the movies. They were all very cute and very well trained – and it was  lovely way to end the day!

We walked back to the Metro station and caught the subway back to Hollywood/Western stopping off at Starbucks for a Caramel Macchiato on the way home.

Tomorrow we are off to San Diego for a couple for days – more fun in the sun hopefully (^^)v


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