Day 30 Pt2 – San Diego

cruiseshipTonight we went out to explore the ‘nightlife’ of San Diego. Our hotel was situated on the edge of the financial district and so it is quite a quiet neighbourhood. We walked along the coast past the cruiseships moored in the dock to a place called Seaport Village. Seaport Village is a small collection of artsy boutique shops and (mainly seafood) restaurants. It is warmly lit with fairylight-style light strips and there is even an old style working Carousel. Unfortuantely we must have arrived late as the place was shutting down for the night and so the carousel had stopped and the shops were closing their shutters. You could tell the place would have a nice relaxed atmosphere during the daytime as well.

From Seaport Village we carried on for a couple more blocks until we came to the Gaslamp Quarter. This is where the ‘real’ nightlife is – so many bars and clubs…too many to count! There were a lot of people looking as though they were just about to start their night!!

HortonMallWe took a look around the nearby ‘Horton Mall’ and popped into ‘Ralphs’ ( a 24-hr supermarket) to buy some food supplies, before heading back home to the hotel.


2 Responses

  1. Hi! I’m from San Diego, and my friend’s blog linked me over to yours on the possibly related posts. I checked out your trip. How cool!!! What an exciting and culturally rich experience. I enjoyed looking through your journey :-).

  2. Hello bar and thank you for your comment.
    We had such a great time on our trip and would recommend RTW it to anyone! We really liked your hometown of San Diego as well 🙂
    Unfortunately the weather in London is cold and wet at the moment so we really miss the California sunshine…

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