Day 30 – San Diego

Another beautiful sunny day in San Diego – this really is a lovely place. Our downtown hotel is 5 minutes away from the station and another 5 minutes away from the coast. The atmosphere here is very relaxed, and it is a much cleaner and safer-feeling place than LA and San Francisco.

SeaWorldManateeToday we got up around 7am and after some breakfast we headed out for Sea World. We decided to take a taxi as it was quicker and easier – it would have taken us an hour with 2 transfers if we had gone by trolley and bus…

When we were at Universal Studios H’Wood, we bought a 2-park ticket, so we were able to walk on through the ticket gate without waiting in line…not that there was much of a line – it is off-season so there weren’t that many people at the park compared to the summer months.

SeaLionShowFirst off we picked up a park map so we could find out what time the major shows were taking place – we were just in time to see the Sea Lion & Otter Show – The infamous Clyde & Seamore were performing their ‘Halloween’ spooky act which included some dancing and tricks done to the tune of Thriller by Michael Jackson. They really are very clever animals – and the Otter was a pretty good actor too – he was the villain of the show!

After the sea lion act, we went off to see the sharks and the rescued manatees. The manatees were really playful, and although they are fairly big they are still quite cute. The manatees at the park have all been rescued and were all injured by boat outboards, propellers and the like. They seemed to enjoy their new home and were eating away quite happily when we saw them.

PenguinPenguinsNext we headed off to see the penguins and the beluga whales. I think Beluga whales are my favourite – they have such smiley faces!


Now, after seeing the whales we still had load of time before the major attraction – the Shamu ‘Believe’ extravaganza. So what did Seio and I do?…Yes, we went and got wet!! We must need our heads examined – we both aren’t that keen on roller coasters GettingWetAgainor rides, but for some reason we thought ‘Oh why not…’ Silly us – this was another ‘frightening’ experience on a Mach3 sheer drop waterfall log flume death-wish ride – What is wrong with us??? We did see the photo they take afterwards though – Seio was leaning right the way forward in his seat, and I was pushed right back in mine – both of us had our eyes closed tight and were holding on for dear life!! We soon dried off though thanks to the strong San Diego sunshine!

PetsRuleSHowWhile we were waiting, we thought we would go and take in the ‘Pets Rule’ show to relax – this was a fun show for the children mainly and it involved cats, dogs, ducks, and a pig called Lester doing tricks in a special arena.

ShamuBelieveShowAfter the pet show we headed straight over to the killer whale arena and took a look at the whales swimming in one of their pools before the big show. These creatures really are amazing to watch – they are so big and powerful yet so graceful at the same time. Before long the crowds had gathered to see the main event of the day – The Shamu ShamuTrainer‘Believe’ show. Seio and I found a seat and sat down to enjoy the performance. We have both seen a similar kind of show before, but this type of thing never ceases to amaze you – the huge jumps, the synchronized splashing, and the trust shared between the whales and their trainers.


It was a great show that didn’t disappoint!

After the killer whale show had finished we came across another ‘ride’ – a white water rapids ride. No  we didn’t walk in the opposite direction, we decided to have a go….and guess what we ended up getting wet again – this time though we got really soaked. I felt as if I had been swimming – I had wet hair, my shorts were drenched and my T-shirt was stuck to my back!! Needless to say I had a wet bum for the rest of the afternoon – even the Californian sun couldn’t dry me off I was so wet!!

SeaTurtlesBefore leaving we took a quick look at the sea turtles – unfortunately most of them were either swimming under water or were on land but fast asleep. I don’t blame them in this heat though (^^)v

We took another taxi home – our driver was a really friendly guy who was originally from Afghanistan. He let us try some ‘Pashmak’ which is a kind of fairy floss type sweet. It was very nice and although he took us to the wrong hotel at first, we eventually made it home safely – albeit still a bit on the soggy side!


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