Day 32 – Vancouver

After yesterday’s shenanigans, we were hoping for something of a smoother ‘travel’ day today.

Got up early and caught the ‘free’ ride to LAX to catch the Alaskan Airlines flight to Vancouver. We had a smooth check-in and smooth-flight and it was nice to be back on track again…no pun intended!

It was about midday when we arrived and so we headed straight for our hotel. Vancouver is hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics and has therefore made improvements to its transport system – on improvement involves an extra train line from the Airport to Downtown via the Olympic Village. We took this ‘Canada’ line to Yaletown/Roundhouse and walked about 6 blocks to our hotel…we would have been here quicker except I turned right instead of left on Howe Street!! Never mind – nothing can be as bad as yesterday’s journey (^^)>

PublicMarketGranvilleIslandOur hotel is in a great location – pretty much slap bang in the middle of downtown. We have a bridge to Granville Island on one side and a couple of blocks down is where all the main shops and restaurants are. There aren’t so many fast food places here – instead there are  a lot more ‘healthier eating’ establishments and also a ton of Japanese restaurants!! I hadn’t had much to eat since yesterday morning and so felt absolutely starving when we arrived. As soon as we arrived at the hotel, I dragged Seio straight back out to get some food. We found a great-value Japanese place and Seio and I had a Teriyaki-chicken rice bowl with gyoza dumplings and some miso soup….tasted wonderful! You would think we hadn’t eaten for days!!!

GranvilleMarketWe both felt so much better after having had something to eat – and so we decided to head off to Granville island and check out the market produce there. We had to cross a huge bridge to get there – it was a very high bridge as well!!

Granville market is a lovely place – there is a collection of boutiques, art galleries, design studios and also an indoor fruit, veg and local produce market. We could have walked around there for ages, but it was raining and cold and so we decided to walk back home and warm up.

MapleCarpetVancouverWe did manage to grab some fruit and other goodies on the way back to the hotel though!!

The hotel had the fire on in the lobby which was lovely and welcoming when you came in from the cold, and after a hot bath and something to eat we were quite happy again (^^)v

It’s funny to think that yesterday it was ‘summer’ in LA and today it was ‘winter’ in Vancouver…. Hope tomorrow is a tad warmer!


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