Day 33 – Vancouver

We had our first ‘lazy day’ of the holiday today and spent most of the time relaxing in our warm hotel room out of the cold wintry Vancouver weather (^^)v

OlympicCountdownEagleSculpturesActually we didn’t stay in all day – we went out for a walk to Robson Square and the local shopping district in the evening. I took some photos for other tourists in front of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic countdown display including a coloured couple from Jamaica. That was a funny moment – because it was so dark outside, the photo of the coloured couple obviously came out dark as well. The woman looked at the photo and said to me ‘Oh we look so black…’ …She then looked at me waiting for a response and of course I didn’t really know what to say…I mean, how can you disagree when a black person says to you ‘I look so black…’ The lady had to laugh when she realised what she had said to me and then added ‘That’s not your fault though!’ I think she found it funny that there was nothing I could say apart from shrugging my shoulders and smiling in agreement!!

ArtGalleryAfter walking around for a while, we started to get a bit hungry and so we headed back to our favourite local Japanese restaurant ‘Jako’. We had lots of sushi and some green tea, went for a little walk and then came home.


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