Day 34 – Vancouver

StanleyParkWe got up around 7am, and had breakfast at the hotel before heading off to Stanley Park – one of the most beautiful parks I have ever been to. Stanley Park is huge – in fact it covers over 1000 acres and is very old too officially opened in 1888.

BikesThe park has an 8.8km walking and cycling/blading path all around it and so Seio and I decided to hire some bikes and cycle around this and the neighbouring smaller parks.

We got a bus to Stanley Park entrance and then backtracked to hire some city bikes from a rental shop called Spokes just outside of the park. We weren’t sure how long we would need, so we hired the bikes out for 1/2 day.

BikerBoyLighthouseWe passed through Hallelujah Point, Brockton Point, along the Burrard Inlet, around Prospect Point and on to Siwash Rock. We took a break for some lunch at Third Beach and then continued around Ferguson Point and on to English Bay. From here we carried on towards Granville Island and all the way around False Creek, passing by GM Plaza (home of the Vancouver Canucks Hockey Team), the science centre, and also the new Olympic Village! This route took us on a loop back in the SouthFalseCreekdirection of Stanley Park but on the opposite side of the river and into an  area called Vanier Park and the Vancouver Maritime Museum. After taking some more photos we turned back and this time we crossed the bridge to reach English Bay. From there we made our way back to the entrance of Stanley Park past the Lost Lagoon and on to the bike rental shop.

SouthFalseCreekFerryWhen I got off the bike, my muscles were really aching and my legs couldn’t really remember how to walk, but it was a great day and a really good way to see this beautiful park!


After about 5 or so minutes the feeling in my legs had come back and we started to walk home. On the way, we came across a ‘Fatburger’ place and decided to see what a ‘Fatburger’ was like….Actually it’s much healthier than a MacD, with freshly cut vegetables and a 100% beef ‘very thin’ burger – a very FatBurgerdeceveiving name indeed!

We stopped off at the supermarket again to get some more water and headed back to the hotel for a nice hot bath and a sit down!! I think we cycled for 5 hours and walked for about an hour or so today – good exercise compared to our lazy day yesterday (^^)v


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