Day 35 – Vancouver

Today was an extremely cold and dreary day compared to yesterday’s blue sky and sunshine at Stanley Park. We decided to take a bus ride over to the University of British Columbia and have a look at the Japanese gardens and botanical garden centre there. The campus was huge – so many buildings! I think the students were having to catch buses around campus just to make it to their lessons on time!!

JapaneseGardenPathwayThe Japanese memorial garden was beautiful and very relaxing, and there weren’t many people there so we could take our time walking around. The botanical garden was a bit of a walk away, but we eventually found it OK. The gardens and trails there were quite nice as well, although most of the leaves had fallen from the trees already, which was a bit of a shame….

Some of those leaves were bigger than my face – I know my face is small, but still…these leaves were big!!


On the way home we popped into a gluten free bakery on Cornwall Street called Panne Rizzo and bought some carrot and walnut muffins (yum!) …looking forward to trying those tonight (^^)v



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