Day 42 – Hawaii

Room811SunriseAloha! Woke up a little bit on the warm side in room 811, but we were greeted by a beautiful sunrise.

After getting showered and refreshed, we headed down to breakfast by the pool. It wasn’t the best breakfast we’ve had but it was OK. I had a feast of ‘warm’ pineapple and ‘weak’ pineapple juice!! Seio had ‘cool’ toast and the same pineapple extravaganza as me (^^)v

We returned to our room to don our swimming togs and headed down to the pool via reception. After explaining the air-con situation in room 811, the lady apologised and said that she would move us to another room, but that we would need to pack up our stuff and store it with them until the check-in time of 3pm…great!! We would be room-less for a while, but at least we would have a cooler place to sleep by the end of the day.

MorningWalkFlipFlopsWe decided to go for a walk around the area again before coming back to the hotel and hanging out by the pool. The walk was refreshing and quite a nice distance. When we came back we grabbed two pool towels and found a table poolside. Most people must have been out at the beach or on a tour around the island, because it was fairly quiet around the pool area.

We spent the day, reading, swimming, hot-tubbing, and sunbathing. We were out there for quite a while, but I still haven’t managed to get my ‘tan’ yet!! Maybe it will be a gradual thing??

In the evening it started to ‘rain’ a little – actually you wouldn’t call it rain, it was more like a very light shower/mist. Nothing that you needed to grab your towel and run indoors for – in fact after 5 minutes the sun was back out again and shining away.

At about 4:30pm ish we decided that our new room would probably be ready and so we went to reception to check in for the second time!!

Room 1012 was notably ‘cooler’ than room 811 and so we were quite happy to stay there. Unfortunately the beds are very squeaky and so we will probably end up waking ourselves up every time we turn over during the night…the coffee pot also seems to have a part missing, and so you have to hold the jug up to allow the coffee to be dispensed!! Oh well….we didn’t pay for perfection so we can’t grumble (^^)v

Tonight was another lovely sunset and we headed out soon afterwards to get something to eat….we had Japanese food again tonight.

Japanese tourism is the main thing here in Hawaii, and so everywhere you go you can see signs and information written in Japanese. Sushi bars and Japanese food abound, and there is so much choice it is like actually being back in Japan!!


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