Day 43 – Hawaii

Woke up a little bit cooler in room 1012 this morning and went down to have some more ‘pineapple’ for breakfast!!

After breakfast, we stopped off at the tourist information booth and booked up to go to the Polynesian Cultural Center tomorrow. A very friendly lady called Misako booked us two tickets which includes a traditional luau dinner and some cultural shows…should be good (^^)v

OnTheRoadtoDiamondHeadToday, we decided to walk up Diamond Head this morning and set off in that direction along the Ala Wai Boulevard behind the hotel. It was another hot day with bright skies and sunshine and the 1 hour walk to the entrance of Diamond Head was quite hard going itself. When we arrived at the entrance, we paid our 1 dollar ‘contribution’ each and set off for the summit……

Phew, what a climb that was…very exhausting mainly because of the heat, but also because of the steep stairways and climbs that seemed to continue forever!! On the way up we saw pregnant women and men carrying babies….I don’t know what they were thinking!!!

LonelyTreeIt took us about 40-50 minutes to reach the summit, and after we took some photos and admire the views of Waikiki and Koko head, we headed back on down….down the spiral staircase, down the first steep stairs, through the dark tunnel, down the second lot of steep stairs, and then back on down the dirt and rock trail to the entrance…..Exhausted is not the word for it!!

It was good to do, but I don’t think I will be doing it again in a hurry (^^)v

When we reached the bottom, we carried on walking back to our hotel. I sat down on the bed for about 30minutes and when I got up my legs were so stiff it was unbelievable! We drank lots of water and felt a lot more refreshed….

In the afternoon we went down to the pool and had another swim…both to cool down and to relax the muscles!! Unfortunately the sun had gone in and it was quite cool. The hot tub was full of cocktails and people, but mainly cocktails….and they didn’t look like they were in any hurry to get out. Seio and I were planning to warm up a bit in the hot tub after our swim, but instead had to make do with hot showers!!

We headed back to our room, showered and got changed, and then we popped out for something to eat….


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