Day 45 – Hawaii

Today was our last day in Hawaii. We decided to spend the morning doing some souvenir / Xmas pressie shopping and so headed off to the local stores with lots of money. Once we got everything we needed, we made a bee-line for the nearest post office and sent two packages off – one to Japan and one to the UK.

SurfsUpAfter our shopping trip, we headed back to the hotel for some lunch, and then went off to Waikiki beach for a last dip in the sea. A very salty, but very clear sea with nice clean beaches. We dried off pretty quickly underneath the strong sun and then headed back to the hotel and made a beeline for the hotel pool. We had a nice little swim and also met some people from Essex who use Autoglym products!! It’s a small world (^^)v

WaikikiBeachViewIn the evening we headed back down to Waikiki beach to see a free hula show – this time it was mainly young children who were dancing…but they were so good!!

On the way back to the hotel we bought Seio a nice Aloha shirt as a souvenir of our stay in Hawaii…

Back at the hotel it was packing time yet again…the time seems to go so fast!!! We have nevertheless put Hawaii on our ‘definitely visit again’ list and would recommend it to anyone who hasn’t yet been (^^)v


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