Day 48 – Auckland, New Zealand North Island

We must have been very tired after yesterday’s antics, because although we woke up around 7:30am we just couldn’t get going until around lunchtime!!

AucklandSkyTowerVictoriaParkMarketWe headed into town in the direction of the Sky Tower and Victoria Park Market. Unfortunately Seio had left his camera at the hotel and about 10 minutes after we had left the hotel, my camera battery began to die!! We decided that going up to the top of the Sky Tower would be a waste without a camera and so we would come back tomorrow instead. After leaving the Sky Tower we went off to Victoria Park market – small selection of souvenir shops, Maori craft shops and boutiques located in a heritage building.  It was quite a quaint little market, and as there weren’t many people about we could browse at our leisure.

AucklandHarbourViewOn our way back into town, we walked along the Maritime Trail at the Quayside and admired all the posh sailing boats and cruisers….Very nice indeed!

We spent the early afternoon taking in the atmosphere along Queen Street – the main high street in Auckland – but as it began to rain we decided to head back to the hotel for a nice hot cup of coffee!

Our hotel is in a great location – right bang in the middle of downtown. I don’t know whether it is because of the time of year, but there really don’t seem to be that many people about. First impressions of New Zealand are very good – The Auckland roads feel really StreetBungywide and the streets are very clean as well. The streets are even big enough to accommodate downtown bungy-jumps…not that Seio or I were brave enough to have a go!! Also, unlike London, you can walk in a straight line down the street quite comfortably without having to zig-zag around people coming in the other direction!! So far so good….


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