Day 49 – Auckland, New Zealand North Island

AucklandMuseumWe got up fairly early this morning, had some breakfast (more pineapple..we must be secretly addicted to the stuff) and headed off in the direction of the Auckland Museum. The weather was a bit cold and wet, but we still decided to walk there to get some fresh air.

It actually wasn’t that far, although the roads are quite up and down here so it was good exercise!

BigTreeBefore we came to the Museum, we passed through a sort of park area called Auckland domain. There was a huge tree there that looked as if it was extremely old….it absolutely dwarfed me and Seio.

Once at the museum we bought our tickets for the Maori cultural performance and browsed the exhibits until the show started. The show was really entertaining again – poi dancing, singing, traditional weapon demonstrations, and of course the Haka!!

MaoriWarriorsThese nice ‘warriors’ agreed to pose for me and Seio after the performance…friendly looking chaps aren’t they??!

ZeroPlaneIt was remembrance day today and as there was a war museum there, we decided to go and have a quick look. There was a Japanese ‘Zero’ fighter plane – used by the Kamikaze pilots, and a lot of memorabilia and exhibits on the Boer War, WWI and WWII.

MaoriHouseCarvingIt was a really good-sized museum with all sorts of things on display from Maori carvings and canoes, to dinosaurs, kiwi birds, and an elephant called Rajah.

After spending about 4 hours at the museum we headed back home via a sushi shop and had lunch at the hotel.

In the late afternoon we headed over to a coffee shop called ‘Esquires’ which had free Wi-fi, and booked up some more hotels and a rental car for our onward journey from the North to the South of New Zealand.

Tonight we will pack up our stuff ready for our big road trip (^^)v


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