Day 53 – Wellington

We checked out of our hotel fairly early this morning and packed up the car to set off for the NZ capital city of Wellington. It was quite a windy journey, but smooth nonetheless. It wasn’t too far from Palmerston North and so we only stopped for petrol on the way. We did pull over to use the bathroom once, but when we discovered that the ‘toilet’ was actually a giant tin can by the side of the road, we pulled straight back off again (^^)v

We made it to Wellington in about 2 1/2 hours which was pretty good going. Wellington wasn’t actually what I expected – it seems quite a dated town and looks and feels a lot smaller than Auckland. From the harbour you can see all the houses perched on the hillside and some of the roads are so steep they could give San Francisco a good run for its money!! One road that lead up to the Botanical Gardens was near enough a 60 degree incline (^^)>

BeehiveThe roads are quite difficult to navigate for a newcomer (nothing to do with my map reading skills honest!) and it took us a little while to find our hotel! When we did find it, it was still a bit early for check-in and so we took ourselves back out on a quick tour of the town. On our way we passed by Parliament building, otherwise known as the ‘Beehive’ due to its shape. Many of the roads were closed today due to the annual Santa Parade…which this year was made a little bit special with the triumphant All Whites team making an appearance. When we got back to the hotel our room was ready and so we unloaded the car again…we are becoming quite the ‘moving’ experts now!

After unpacking our stuff, it was time to return our trusty little Toyota back to the rental company, and so we ventured out to try and find a petrol station….after going round in a couple of circles we eventually tracked down a BP station and filled up the tank.

WindyWellingtonOn the way back from the car rental company, we walked through town and took in some of the sites – We walked along Queens Wharf, past Wellington Station and the Beehive, through the town past the Old Bank Parade shopping arcade, and up Plimmer steps back to our hotel. It was extremely windy today in Wellington – gale force almost!! I thought it was just today’s weather, but apparently this city is nicknamed Windy Wellington!!

In the evening we watched some TV and relaxed.

Tomorrow we are off again, this time crossing over to Southland via the Inter Islander ferry….


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