Day 56 – Timaru

After the second ‘mood’ wake-up experience, which Seio managed to sleep through again, we set off to pick up the rental car. This time, we got a Toyota Corolla sedan in red, quite nice and a comfortable ride as well. When we got back to the hotel, we picked up our suitcases and checked out – getting conned out of NZ$15 for room cleaning charges – apparently you get charged if you hang the ‘Please clean my room’ tag on the door…. I though we were being courteous to the cleaning team, but obviously not…never mind!

On the way to our overnight destination in Timaru, we stopped off at the gorgeous Lake Tekapo…what an amazing view! I don’t think there is a photo in the world that could do this spot any justice – it really was stunning!

The lake was a beautiful light emerald colour, the water was calm, and the snow-capped Southern Alps provided the perfect backdrop.

We stopped by the Church of the good shepherd, where the view of the lake from inside was very humbling, and paid a visit to the sheepdog statue just down the road.

We decided that it was the perfect spot to have some lunch and sat down on one of the benches to admire the view … I think I managed to top up my lobster tan again today – A rudolph nose just in time for the festive period!!

After lunch, we climbed down on to the beach and hobbled over the rocks to reach the water’s edge…I managed to twist my ankle again (that’s the third time this holiday!!) but not too badly thank goodness! After the initial pain it was OK and I managed to get to the water no problem…

We found some giant pine cones on the rocks, so after I did my King Julian (Madagascar Penguins) impression and Seio struck his Olympic shot-putter pose, we put them back where we had found them, clambered back off the rocks on to flatter ground and went to find the car (^^)>

The drive from Tekapo to Timaru was very straight forward, and we had arrived at the famous Hotel Grosvenor in the early evening. Apparently the queen stayed here at some point – we were told it was in our room, but I’m not sure if that was just a cunning marketing ploy?!?! It is an historical hotel though, and our room had a huge balcony next to it, so I guess it is possible….

After unpacking our suitcases we headed into town to explore a little. Our computer keeps throwing up disk-full messages, and seeing as we had both taken about 300 photos each today, when we came across a computer store we decided to buy a portable hard disk to take the strain off the Mac.

Later on we walked up to the Piazza, and took a walk around another Rose Garden (there seem to be a lot of these in NZ!!). When we got back to the hotel we were quite hungry, and so we took the car and went off in search of the local supermarket. We found one just around the corner and stocked up on some more provisions.

After dinner, I backed up all the photographs, downloaded mine and Seio’s Tekapo photos from earlier today and burned a CD for the drive tomorrow. Seio had already fallen asleep by track 3!!

Went to bed around 11:30pm – tired but after having a really good day…


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