Day 58 – Dunedin

We left Oamaru at around 10am this morning and headed off towards Dunedin. On the way we stopped off at Moeraki to see the famous Boulders on the beach. There were actually more of them than I thought there would be, some of them perfectly round, others looking like tortoise shells, and others looking as if they had been split clean down the middle with a gigantic karate chop!

Outside of the cafe/shop, there were a couple of deer grazing in a nearby field – they posed graciously for our photos and then stood underneath the sign that explained where we could buy them food – well trained or what??!

We didn’t feed them, but instead jumped back in the car and carried on along route 1 towards our destination. After a little while we came across a little place called Trotter’s Gorge, and stepped out of the car to stretch our legs and take a break. The water was so clear and cold there! We walked through the campsite ($6 per night!!) and carried on up a track towards some caves. It was very cool and refreshing – today’s temperature was about 23 to 25 degrees, but it felt more like 30! When we got back to the car, we had something to eat and rejoined route 1 for Dunedin.

We arrived in Dunedin just after 1pm, and checked into our hotel. Dunedin apparently takes its name from the scottish meaning Castle of Edin. There are a lot of families with Scottish names here, and many of the streets have Scottish origins.

After unpacking some bits and pieces and taking a little break, we headed off for the world’s steepest street ‘Baldwin Street’. At its steepest it has a gradient of 1 to 2.86m. It is only about 100m long, but it felt like a very long climb up – coming down was of course a breeze! The view from the top was well worth it, but once again a photo really doesn’t do the scale of these places any justice. Its amazing where people have actually built their houses – I think the people that live here must be very fit indeed. When Seio and I got back down to the bottom of the road, we rewarded ourselves with a nice cold ice cream…just what we needed (^^)v

Next we headed back into town and took a scenic drive around some nice country lanes, before heading to the scenic lookout at the very top of Signal Hill Rd. There we got some amazing views of Dunedin city and the Otago peninsula. It was such a beautiful day again today, we really have been lucky with the weather –  I don’t think we have had one bad day in NZ yet!

On the way back to the hotel we did our usual Supermarket stop and picked up some food for the evening. Supermarkets in NZ seem quite similar to the UK – there appear to be 3 major chains: Countdown, New World, and Pak ‘N Save – a bit like Asda, Tesco, and Morrisons!! Today we shopped at New World.

As it was such a nice evening, and still quite light outside, we decided to take a nice walk to the Botanical gardens and back before calling it a night. It’s still quite warm now at 11pm!!


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