Day 59 – Dunedin

This was our second day in Dunedin. It was another warm day again, which is apparently quite unusual for this town, but we were not complaining!! Today we set off for a lovely coastal drive around the Otago Peninsula. As we crossed over the bridge to central Otago we got some wonderful sea views. Our first stop was Larnach Castle and as the road started to climb and climb, the clouds got closer and closer and you really started to get that eerie, misty, Scottish highlands feeling. It gave the Castle a great atmosphere. Apparently this is the only Castle in New Zealand. It was built by a politician/banker and it’s a bit of a quirky style castle – it incorporates the traditional British castle style together with Australian-style verandahs with ornately carved iron railings. The gardens were beautiful, and the inside of the castle had been kept quite authentic as well.

After having a bite of lunch in the castle grounds, we set off for the tip of the peninsula and to the Royal Albatross Colony – we were tempted to take a tour to see the Albatrosses, however the wind was so gusty and strong, that we found it hard to stand up, let alone go on a guided walk. We hopped back in the car and headed back to a warmer and less windier location. The coastal drive was beautiful, the sun had come back out and was glistening on the water. We passed through a lovely little town called Portobello before arriving at the main bridge and then central Dunedin.

Once we were back in the city centre, we stopped off at the famous Station building to take a couple of snaps – Along with the Sydney Opera House, it is apparently one of the most photographed buildings in the Southern Hemisphere. A wedding party was having their photographs taken inside just as we arrived.

Across the road from the Station was the Cadbury’s Factory!! We couldn’t help ourselves and decided to go on a little ‘Chocolate tour’. It was quite interesting actually, because although the actual manufacturing processes must be the same, a lot of the chocolate bars are completely different to those in the UK. I had never heard of some of the chocolate we were given as samples!!

After our chocolate experience, we took a quick walk around the city centre and looked at some of the traditional architecture. Dunedin was apparently the very first City and therefore has a lot of the first of everything! A very interesting city…

In the evening we packed and got ready for the next leg of our journey.


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