Day 60 – Queenstown

We got up really early this morning, and headed off for a morning walk around the botanic gardens. Dunedin has a sister-city relationship with Otaru, Japan and as such the botanic gardens have a specially designed Japanese garden complete with Azumaya (shelter) and stone lantern. Even the ducks (at least the ones that were awake!) seemed to be enjoying the garden. We had a walk around the upper and lower garden, before heading back to the hotel, grabbing our stuff and checking out.

The journey to Queenstown was quite a long one, but we only stopped off for short breaks here and there. It was a very scenic drive and some of the towns along the way have the most beautiful landscapes you have ever seen.

We arrived in Queenstown at around 2:30pm, but our room wasn’t quite ready for us. We waited in the lounge area and took in the beautiful views of Lake Wakatipu and its backdrop of snow-capped mountains.

As our room wasn’t ready, we received a complimentary upgrade to a lakeview room which was a nice bonus!

In the afternoon, we relaxed by the poolside and read some books under the sunshine. Unfortunately the water really was too cold to swim, but we had a dip in the hot tub a couple of times.

In the evening we headed into town to get some food and do a bit of exploring. Queenstown is a mixture of Wellington and Christchurch – it has a very hilly landscape but it is also surrounded with greenery. A typical Alpine town – reminiscent of Austria or Switzerland in the summer months.

It has quite a young atmosphere as well – but that is probably because this is the adventure capital of the southern island!



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