Day 62 – Queenstown

Got up and had breakfast, before heading into town to do a spot of souvenir shopping. We parked up the car and popped into a couple of shops in Queenstown Mall – an outdoor shopping arcade in the city centre.

After finishing our shopping, we went straight to the post office to send off our souvenirs along with some bits and pieces that we have collected along the way.

We came back to the hotel and had some lunch and then later in the afternoon we went back downtown to return the rental car. We actually have the car until tomorrow morning, but we thought it would be easier to drop off the car this evening instead. Before we could return the car though we needed to find a petrol station and fill up the tank. We went round and round in circles looking for a petrol station but couldn’t find one, so we decided to drive to the next town and see if we could find one on the way. We ended up taking quite a long drive around the coastline and finding some really nice scenic locations, including a place called Wilson Bay where there was a mountain biking track and a nice picnic area.

There was still no sight of a petrol station and so we carried on in the direction of the next town, Glenorchy. We came across another scenic lookout point at the top of a hill with a beautiful view of the snow topped mountain range. A nice lady in a camper van offered to take mine and Seio’s photo which was very kind.

Our petrol supply was getting fairly low at this point and so we decided to head back towards central Queenstown and see if there was anywhere on the opposite side of town. We eventually found a place and filled up, but it was too late to return the car by this point and so we agreed to take the car back first thing in the morning as originally planned.

On the way back to the hotel we picked up some food at the local supermarket for tonight’s meal.

In the evening we packed up our suitcases ready for our journey on to Australia tomorrow.

I can’t believe New Zealand has come to an end – this is a truly beautiful country and we have thoroughly enjoyed our travels here. We will be back – that is for sure!


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