Day 64 – Cairns

Woke up early in ‘Cockroach Motel’ with the feeling that I had slept for ages – it was rather strange really, seeing that I didn’t think I could fall asleep there at all!

We got showered and dressed and left our suitcases (sealed shut!) at the ‘Roach Academy’ whilst we went to see what had happened to our first motel. After walking down the street a little while, we came across a Police Forensic car parked outside one of the neighboring motels….this didn’t look good and Seio and I started seriously wondering if something sinister had been actually going on. We got closer to our first motel and there were quite a lot of people in the reception – thank goodness. I was all ready for a ‘refund’ fight if necessary, but as soon as I explained that we had rung the bell but nobody answered, the nice big guy at the front desk said, ‘Oh yes, we’re ever so sorry, but the caretaker died last night…that’s why nobody answered and why the police were here. He went out for a walk and passed away en route!’

Seio and I felt sorry for the people there – they looked as if they may have been the old man’s family or something. At the same time, we were quite relieved that the police visit and Forensics vehicle hadn’t signalled a murder or something equally as dramatic. The reception team was very apologetic and refunded our more expensive first night stay at the ‘Cockroach Palace’!

We decided that we would relocate from ‘Cockroach Towers’ to the deceased caretaker’s motel for our last night in central Cairns, and we were glad that we did. The room at this motel is lovely, fully equipped with microwave, shower, fridge, air conditioning, but most of all clean and cockroach-free! What a relief (^^)v

We were given some fresh milk and showed to our room, where we proceeded to unpack and relax finally!

It is very hot and humid in Cairns right now – reminiscent of Japanese summers which are very uncomfortable at the best of times. We managed to keep cool in the air conditioned room and later in the morning we decided to brave the heat and head into the city centre to explore a bit. We came across the Cairns Central Mall and did a little bit of shopping there – more food and souvenirs. Neither of us had had anything to drink since last night and so we were both glad to get something to drink – I had a Coke and Seio had a Shake from MacD’s…

On the way out we picked up some Thai food for a late lunch and headed back to our clean and fresh motel.

In the afternoon Seio caught up on some sleep and I did some reading – I didn’t like reading that much before this holiday, but I’m getting quite into it now. I always find I have something more important to do at home, but with time to relax on holiday it’s quite nice to sit down with a good book!

In the evening we sat outside on the patio, relaxed and had a cool drink. Tomorrow we are off to Palm Cove – a nice beach resort just north of Cairns. Time to top up my non-existent tan…or at least join up some of these freckles into something more respectable!!


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