Day 65 – Palm Cove

We got up fairly early and had some breakfast before hopping on the 1X bus to Pam Cove. It was only about a $5 trip there and took us about 40minutes or so. Our hotel was a bit like the one in Hawaii with an open entrance – giving it quite a tropical feel! There were also some water features in the reception – little pools with reclining Buddha statues by them.  The hotel had a very welcoming and relaxing feel to it. We checked into our room, which was a bit on the small side, but will do us fine I’m sure. We had arrived late morning so it was nice to be able to check in so early – normally these places make you wait until about 2 or 3pm before you can go into your room. After we unpacked our stuff, we had a quick walk around the hotel – it has 4 pools altogether all different shapes and sizes. the one nearest our room is the lane pool – about 60m or so in length! We found the route to Palm Cove beach and dipped our feet in the ocean…very warm but not as clear as Waikiki! Also there are ‘stingers’ about at this time of year and so we only saw a couple of Jet Skis out and no brave people!! The beach front has a small selection of shops and restaurants, a post office and a little tourist information centre – everything you need really! We stopped off at the little corner store ‘Pete’s Place’ to buy some stuff for lunch and headed back to the hotel. In the afternoon we headed done to the pool to have a dip and cool down…it’s very very hot here indeed (^^)v

I don’t think there can be many guests staying here at the moment, because the receptionist doesn’t seem very busy and there is never anyone down at any of the pools apart from me and Seio!!

We did about 5 lengths of the pool and dried off very quickly in the sunshine. In the evening we relaxed in the room and had an early night – sunshine and swimming can be quite exhausting!!


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