Day 66 – Palm Cove

Oh dear, I went to the loo in the middle of the night only to be greeted by a mother cockroach and her family!! There were about 20 kids scurrying around…yuk! I hate cockroaches – i have done ever since living in Japan. I guess it is par for the course of this area – there seems to wildlife (not just the creepy crawly variety) everywhere you go in Cairns, from small lizards on the footpaths to tropical birds and cockatoos in the treetops. It’s like living in the rainforest!! I put some sticky tape down on the bathroom floor to try and catch anyone that decided to venture out into our domain!

As we were in quite a wildlife mode, we decided to head out to Cairns Tropical zoo today. It was only a 15 minute walk from the hotel and they had all kinds of animals there. It was a really nice zoo because the animals were mainly all Australian, and the pens were quite open, which meant that the animals were living in an environment very close to their natural habitats. We saw a free flight birds of prey display, held a koala, fed some kangaroos and saw the ‘salties’ or saltwater crocs being fed. We also saw some ring-tailed lemurs (like King Julian in Madagascar!) and a Nepalese red panda called Rara. The Dingoes were asleep and hiding inside logs to escape the heat. We also saw some quite scary looking Cassowaries roaming around their enclosure.

The koalas were very sweet and they all looked so different! I held a young male koala called ‘Harry’. He was very well behaved and just draped himself over my arms. You could also hold a snake or a baby crocodile but Seio and I decided that a koala was the safest choice (^^)v


The bird aviary was pretty good, and if you looked very carefully you could see owls hiding in the trees…not in cages! There were a lot of Kookaburras too, and some kingfishers. The Kookaburras are quite funny looking birds actually. Walking through the rainforest aviary was very interesting – that typical jungle sound – cicadas chirping away, the song of tropical birds, some screeching and hissing sounds, lizards scuttling into the bushes. Some of the birds – especially the cockatoos were extremely vocal….

We had some lunch in the cafe before going off to see the emus, wombats, white kangaroos and a couple of tiny monkeys.

While I was getting carried away taking photos of birds, Seio managed to catch the wombat being fed – very cute – wombats are apparently cousins of the koala, and as many people will remind you here – koalas are not bears and therefore they are called koalas and NOT koala bears!


We stayed at the zoo until 3pm, and then took a leisurely walk back to the hotel via Palm Cove beach.

In the evening we went for another swim – still only a few people down at the pool!


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