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Day 67 – Palm Cove

We didn’t have any plans today – just relax, do some more swimming and try and get a tan!

We went down to the pool late morning and had a swim before heading to the beach for some lunch. When we came back we headed back down to the pool again and did some more lengths – still only us there so it was like our own private pool!

In the evening, we walked down to the beach and went for dinner at the Pizza restaurant – they did a gluten free pizza which was very nice indeed and went especially well with the Western Australian white wine. Seio had a Nutella pizza – a folded pizza stuffed with melted Nutella and topped with Vanilla ice cream – I couldn’t resist and had to steal a little bit. It was very nice….

We walked back home via the beach and watched a couple of movies on TV before calling it a night.


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