Day 69 – Palm Cove

‘Pinch and a punch on the first of the month’…I can’t believe it is December!! We left the UK at the end of September and now it is only a couple of weeks until Xmas.

We spent most of the day today at the hotel ‘long pool’, doing lengths and trying to top up our tans..some of us obviously have to try harder than others. Seio seems to just soak up the sun’s rays, whereas I seem to reflect most of them!! I don’t think I will ever be brown….

The main event of the day today was me nearly getting hit on the head by a falling mango! It just fell off the tree as I was going under it…lucky escape!

We headed down to the beach in the afternoon to get food and water, and after dinner we decided to go for another swim. It was quite dark by that point but very nice and relaxing all the same. Tomorrow’s flight to Singapore is not until 12:45pm, and the bus to the airport will not be picking us up until 10am, so we have plenty of time to pack the suitcases in the morning.


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