Day 70 – Cairns / Darwin / Singapore

The shuttle bus picked us up on schedule at 10am and took us to Cairns airport. It’s interesting to see all the different airports and their locations. Cairns airport has ‘beware of the crocodile’ signs posted just as you enter the airport road! Luckily the signs disappear as you near the airport building!!

We checked in and went through immigration with no problems – Seio was once again double-checked after passing through X-ray screening. They seem to like Seio for some reason….I think he has been asked to ‘please step this way sir’ about 5 or so times during our rtw trip!!

The first leg of our journey to Singapore was a 2 hour flight to Darwin. We were asked to de-board the plane, only to have to re-board the same plane an hour later! Similarly to Fiji, we were dropped off right outside duty free….I’m sure they do that on purpose!!

The second leg of our journey was a little bit longer and took about 5 hours. As we flew over the harbor into SIngapore, we were amazed to see the amount of container ships in the port. I think Singapore is the second largest port in the world, after Rotterdam. Apparently they unload the cargo onto smaller boats and deliver them to shore that way….

After collecting our baggage from the reclaim carousel we hopped on a city shuttle bus with a number of other tourists and headed to our hotel – the Hotel Re! The journey was rather amusing, as no-one on the bus could understand what the driver was saying…we eventually figured out what he was trying hard to say…generally publicizing his company and telling us to retain our tickets if we wanted to use his bus on the return journey as it had his phone number on it!!

The Hotel Re! was a very interesting and fairly new boutique hotel…mostly bright pink or bright green in colour with funky designs of Elvis and Marilyn decorating the lift and room walls. Even the tiles in the shower room were bright pink and glittery (^.^)>

After checking in to the hotel we headed downtown through a traditional ‘Chinatown’ market area and onwards to Clarke Quay. It was buzzing with people, eating, drinking, and being merry! Seio and I had a quick walk around and decided to grab a bite to eat at a seafood restaurant called Jumbo seafood. The food was delicious – we had some fried rice with seafood, shrimp balls wrapped in smokey bacon with a  salad cream dressing, and a roast duck and mango salad. All very naughty but worth the guilt!!

After our feast, we headed back to base for some well-earned rest….

We have made arrangements to meet Seio’s friend, Wai Hon, for dinner tomorrow.


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