Day 71 – Singapore

We woke still feeling a bit tired this morning, and so it took us a while to get going. We ended up going to Harbour Front late morning, having some lunch there (Salmon Bento Lunchbox for me, Beef and vegetable rice bowl for Seio) and then heading off to the Jurong bird park. There were some really interesting birds at the park – so needless to say I was photographing everything that moved!! Unfortunately it is the monsoon season in Singapore right now, and in the early afternoon we got caught in a very nasty thunderstorm – I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such a noisy thunderstorm! Here we were sitting under a shelter in the rainforest (lots of tall trees around us!), with extremely loud claps of thunder making us jump every now and then. Although it was quite scary, it was really interesting to see how the fish and the birds reacted to such fierce weather conditions – they were just going about their business as usual.

Even after nearly an hour, the rain and thunder continued, so we just decided to make a dash for the exit and jump on the next bus home.

Once back at the hotel, the rain had calmed down and it was just feeling humid again.

We got changed out of our wet clothes, grabbed a hot shower and got all togged up to go and meet Wai Hon oustide the City Hall MRT station. As usual we were a bit late, and made Wai Hon wait for us – sorry Wai Hon (^^);

Seio met Wai Hon in Japan when they were both travelling around Tokyo, Kyoto and Hiroshima – that was about 10 years ago!

Wai Hon took us for a drink at the bar on the 70th, yes 70th, Floor of the Swissotel. It only took us about 10 seconds to reach the bar on the top floor – we went up so fast it made my ears pop!

The view from the top floor was amazing – we arrived just before sunset, and so we could enjoy the day view, sunset and night views whilst supping on our Cosmo’s and French Martinis…what a life heh?

After cocktails, we headed back down to earth (literally) and went off to see the Raffles Hotel. It really is an amazing hotel – and I’m sure well worth the money for those people who can afford such luxury.

After wondering what life would be like living it up at Raffles, Wai Hon took us to dinner at one of his regular haunts – an authentic, al fresco eatery serving the local delicacies. We had pork with ginger and spring onion, omelette with preserved radish, long beans with chilli and some white rice. Seio and Wai Hon tried some ‘Barley’ drink whilst I had an iced lemon tea.

After dinner it was getting quite late, and so we all headed to for the train station. Wai Hon suggested we take a look at the Xmas lights and atmosphere on Orchard Road, so after we said goodbye, Seio and I headed off to the shopping mecca road!

Although it was getting late and the shops were closed, there were so many young people out and about. The lights were amazing – it made the lights in Oxford Street look a little on the pathetic side! I don’t know how they manage to afford such extravagant decorations, but there were glitter balls hanging from the trees as well as luxurious fairy lights and giant Xmas sculptures of reindeer, Santa Claus and Ferrero Rocher Xmas trees!

We walked quite a way down before deciding to call it a night.

We are planning to hook up with Wai Hon again tomorrow …so looking forward to that already.


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