Day 75 – Hong Kong

The weather wasn’t great today, but we headed out nonetheless. We took the ferry back over to Hong Kong island and jumped on the Big Bus again. It was actually quite nice to take the tour again, because you knew when a photo opportunity was coming and could prepare your camera in time! As it was raining, Seio and I were issued with bright yellow Big Bus Tour ponchos to keep us dry – very fetching I must say!! Seio shoved his straight in his bag, but I decided to try mine out…it was actually quite warm…not very flattering, but at least it kept me from getting soaked!! When we came to the Peak Tram station, we jumped off the bus and took the very very steep cable car/tram up to Victoria Peak. It was a very interesting ride – the length of the track is a little less than 1400m, and the journey only takes about 5 minutes, however the tram is on such a steep incline (48% at its max), that it feels like you are on a fair ride!! Needless to say we were glad when we reached the top safely!!

At the top there was a little indoor shopping market selling the usual trinkets, a handful of restaurants, and then there was a small scale Madame Tussaud’s which was set over about 3 floors. Our bus tour included tickets for the museum and so we  didn’t have to pay an extra to get in. We were greeted by Jackie Chan and had our photo taken with him!! Inside were Brangelina, Nicole Kidman, a very young Mel Gibson, Humphrey Bogart, Hitchcock, Chairman Mao and David Beckham amongst others. There weren’t many real people there, and so we could take our time to take photos with the wax models. I even dressed up and had my picture taken with the Sumo wrestler Chiyo no Fuji – I don’t think my Ali no Fuji was very convincing though!!

After mingling with the plastic rich and famous, we got back on the adventure tram ride and headed back down the mountain to sea level!! We had an appointment with the tailor at 3pm and it was already 2:40pm, so we hot-footed it straight back to the ferry and headed back to the hotel. We were a bit late arriving at the tailor’s, but he didn’t seem in any rush so that was OK. Seio and I had our first fitting for our suits and shirts – very nice indeed!! We have to come back in the morning before we leave to get a final fitting and then Mr Khan is going to send our suits on to the UK for us, just in time for job hunting in the new year!!

After our tailoring session, we headed back to the hotel to drop off some things, and then headed straight back out to the World Conference Centre to join the last Big Bus tour of the day for Kowloon. We had our own private bus!! We sat on the top deck at the back, put on our headphones, pulled out our cameras and pretended to be the paparazzi for the next hour and a half. By the time we had done the loop of Kowloon, all the lights were on and flashing their brightly coloured neon Xmas messages across the harbour.


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